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Get A2Billing Server

The Premier VoIP Billing Soft-switch Solution for Asterisk

Benefits of A2Billing with Nexahost

  • Add Customers
  • Generate numbers of customer and calling cards.
  • Prepaid and post-paid customers
  • Flexible Auto Account debit
  • Auto Refill
  • Credit Limit notifications by email

  • Bulk updates to customers
  • Multiple expiry options for cards.
  • Percentage discounts on a per customer basis
  • Customer history and CRM
  • Customer Grouping
  • Import from legacy calling card platforms

  • Customer Trouble Tickets and support management
  • Multi Currency support
  • Mass Mail delivery with customer grouping
  • Customization mail templates for customer actions and events.
  • Call recording

Why A2Billing with Nexahost?

A2Billing, combined with Asterisk is a physical Telecom Platform and Soft-Switch providing a wide range of telecoms services using both traditional telephone technology or VoIP. It contains a real time billing engine which rates and bills and invoices calls, and supports payment gateways.

How it works?

A2Billing can authenticate calls in a number of ways:-

  • VoIP registration – the endpoint  with a username and password.
  • IP Address – All calls accepted from a specific IP address.
  • PIN Authentication – Using a unique PIN code.
  • Caller ID authentication – Using the CID for authentication.

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