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Amazon Lightsail Service

offers bundles of cloud compute power and memory for new or less experienced cloud users.

Features of Amazon Lightsail with Nexahost

  • Lightsail provide virtual private server.
  • Application programming interface (API): Amazon provides a powerful API with which to develop your applications or to integrate with external applications.
  • Access to other AWS services. It’s easy to extend the capabilities of  Lightsail to AWS services with like managed databases, CDNs, and more.

  • Secure shell (SSH) access. Lightsail provides a cloud-based console option to connect over SSH.
  • Secure networking. Configuring the details of the network through the AWS is easy and secure. It’s possible to access through IP address, DNS, firewall and more.

  • Simplified load balancing.
  • Snapshots for protecting your information.
  • Every Lightsail server comes with high-performing, persistent SSD-based storage.

What is a Lightsail plan?

Also referred to as a bundle, a Lightsail plan includes a virtual server with a fixed amount of memory (RAM) and compute (vCPUs), SSD-based storage (disks), and a free data transfer allowance. Lightsail plans also offer static IP addresses (5 per account) and DNS management (3 domain zones per account). Lightsail plans are charged on an hourly, on-demand basis, so you only pay for a plan when you’re using it.

Suitable for you?

AWS designed the Lightsail service to make it simpler to understand and purchase rudimentary compute capacity. AWS also manages the infrastructure, which shares the same uptime and global regions and availability zones as EC2, and makes it available with a few mouse clicks.

How it works?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) packages memory, processing, storage and transfer into virtual machines (VMs) for customers to purchase, and then releases that compute capacity as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Amazon Lightsail derives its compute power from an EC2 instance and repackages it for customers who are new or inexperienced with cloud.

Access to AWS services

Amazon Lightsail uses a focused set of features like instances, managed databases and load balancers to make it easier to get started. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to those options –you can integrate your Lightsail project with some of the 90+ other services in AWS through Amazon VPC peering.

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