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Freelancer Hosting

Importance of web hosting in your freelancing career


web hosting


web hosting

“If you are looking for web hosting to assist you to build your own online identity and provides you with an opportunity to get established as an individual brand”


Moreover about knowing that to grow your online presence? If you devote yourself to photography, design, consulting, translation, web development, or other projects, explicating the world what you do in an online website or portfolio is absolute to stand out and extend your reach.

Beginning a freelancing career requires a lot of research and planning, be it for any industry. The start of your freelancing career requires a lot of hard work and as a freelancer; you have to spend a lot of time exposing your skills/services.

Therefore, one of the most reliable ways to get seen is by having your website where you can represent your skills, capabilities, experiences, and projects are undertaken; this is why it is critical to have a good web hosting platform that satisfies your budget and is highly efficient.


Here’s why……?

web hosting

  • Trust Issues    


web hosting

Thus, Create a scenario where you are in a situation and someone likes your work and says. ‘I am impressed with your skills and with the projects you have worked on before. Thus, I would like to suggest some work and see your detailed website’.

To which you respond, ‘Well, I work on projects but I don’t have a website’

Here presents a wrong impression and the other person thinks that they are not talking to a professional but a casual individual.


  • Reduction in networking efforts


web hosting

You have the most becoming skills, you are meeting the right people, but to get work constantly, you need to exchange yourself. If you don’t have a detailed website, you have to steadily meet people and keep knowing them about your work

If you offer them your company card, you have to trust them that they won’t lose it and they evoke you if they want you to fulfill some work for them. Having a decent website eliminates even networking pressure.

You don’t have any frontiers of time zones or geographical area. Anyone throughout the world can find you at any time and there is no need for you to steadily define who you are and what you do because it’s all out there on your website.


  • You will free at home


web hosting

Accomplishing a website all by yourself might be an intimidating thought in the beginning but if you use WordPress or any other content management system, you’ll do just well-made. Thee can set up the content and images you want on your website, you can represent your experiences and projects as you want on your website.

You can also exchange your website the way you want. Thou might have surely put up your information on the job provisions and social media websites but you don’t have complete control over it. A website is a reliable point that you can use to represent your talent and projects undertaken.

web hosting 

  • Your website name

web hosting


However, If you are managing as a freelancer, you can have your fame as the domain name of the website along with a preferred domain name extension like .com or .in. If you have chosen some brand name or if you have been holding up work with some other name, you can choose to have that as your domain name.

Understanding your chosen domain name depends on the availability of the domain name and have the domain name in mind. You must register it right away. When registering a domain name to get web hosting then also link a domain name to your licensed email address.


web hosting 

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  • Potential problems faced by freelancers


web hosting

The problems come to web hosting are consistent and if not taken care of, they can big obstacles for their career. These problems can crop and they can adverse might be a loss of views that turned into jobs or projects. Securing leads is a very important aspect for freelancers; therefore, it is critical to have as many clients as possible.

Downtime: The idea of downtime is disastrous for any freelancer. Every time the website is not active or not accessible, it means that many inherent customers aren’t able to reach. This directly turns to the loss of revenue for a freelancer.

Poor Customer Support: Customer support is one of the most important circumstances when it comes to managing your website. With around the timer active customer support.

Security: Security is one of the most important aspects of web hosting. Most of the people are not aware that a particular freelancer doesn’t have to target or engage to be hackers.

web hosting

  • Selecting web hosting


web hosting

There are many web hosting companies out there and this can be a complex decision. The skilled and efficient web hosting companies provide vast features with great prices that free many benefits for freelancers. Web hosting companies like Nexahost provide great features and resources that allow the freelances. To discover the balance between price and benefit through which obtain the maximum value.

You can start your freelancing career by hosting your website with Nexahost. Nexahost provides economical web hosting packages financed by the best SSD servers. You make a lot of benefits like a free .com domain, free SSL certificate, free malware scanning, free website migration.


Mobile Web Services

web services on Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application development is the process of building software applications that operate on a mobile device. However, it is a typical mobile application that utilizes a network connection to work with remote computing resources. Hence, the mobile development process involves building installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets, etc.), completing backend services such as data access with an API, and testing the application on target devices.


Mobile Application & device platform


mobile web services

There are two powerful platforms in the modern smartphone market. Thus, one is the iOS platform from Apple Inc. However, the iOS principles are the operating system that powers Apple’s familiar series of iPhone smartphones. Therefore, the second is Android from Google. The Android operating system use not only by Google devices but also by many other OEMs to develop their smartphones and other smart devices.

Although there are some connections between these two platforms when erection applications, developing for iOS vs. evolving for Android using different software development kits (SDKs) and different development toolchain. Therefore, Apple manages iOS particularly for its own devices, Google makes Android available to other companies implemented they meet specific requirements such as including certain Google applications on the devices they export. Moreover, Developers can develop apps for hundreds of millions of devices by targeting both of these platforms.


Approaches for building mobile apps


There are four significant development approaches when establishing mobile applications


  • Native Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications
  • mobile web servicesHybrid Mobile Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications





  • Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications are composed of programming language and frames provided the platform and running on the OS the device.


  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications

Cross-platform native mobile applications can be formulated in a variety of different programming languages and frames, but they are compiled into a native application running directly on the operating system of the device.


  • Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile applications are constituted with standard web technologies – such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 – and they are bundled as app installation packages. Against to the native apps, hybrid apps work on a ‘web container’ which provides a browser runtime and a bridge for native device APIs via Apache Cordova.


  • Progressive Web Applications

Therefore, PWAs suggest an alternative approach to traditional mobile app development by hopping app store delivery and app installations. PWAs are web applications that employ a set of browser capabilities – such as operating offline, working a background process, and attaching a link to the device home screen –  to present an ‘app like’ user expertise.




  • Best runtime performance
  • Direct access to device APIs
  • The single code base for multiple platforms
  • Easy to organize and support your app
  • Using web development skillset for developing mobile apps
  • The same app is accessible for both mobile and apps
  • No installation expected, accessible through a URL




  • Higher cost when developing and managing your app
  • Dependents and connections and libraries for native device features
  • performance limitation due to bridging
  • Lower performance compared to native apps
  • Limited support for native device features
  • App abilities depend on the browser in use
  • Many codebases for each platform


Key points of Mobile Application services

mobile web services


However, the mobile developers should look for a development environment that makes it easier for them to unite, use, and utilize the most commonly required skills into their application instantly and easily, while still defending the freedom to take benefit of the many individual services available.



  • User Sign-up/Sign-in and Management
  • Social login (Facebook sign-in, Twitter sign-in, etc.)
  • Analytics and User Engagement
  • Push Notifications
  • Real Device Testing


Data Services

  • Cloud Storage
  • Real-time and Offline Data
  • Application Logic/Cloud Functions


Machine Learning

  • Conversational Bots
  • Image and Video Recognition
  • Speech Recognition


The Mobile Application Front-End

The mobile front-end is the visual and interactive part of the purpose of the user experiences. It usually remains on the device, or there is at least an icon serving the app that is apparent on the home screen or is bound in the application directory of the device. The application can be downloaded from the platform app store, side-loaded directly onto the device, or can be transferred through the device’s browser, as in the matter for PWAs.


What a Front-end development Workflow seems like:

mobile web services


When a developer assumes they are a mobile application programmer, they are most oftentimes referring to this front-end part of the application, and they are skilled in the semantics and technologies that are used to build this front-end application.

Depending on the capacity of the team producing the app, there may be many several people involved in the design and development of the front-end mobile app. The team capacity can extend from a single developer who does everything linked with building the app, to tens, hundreds, and more people with specific skills.


The Mobile Application Back-End

The value of back-end services for the benefit of the mobile application, the developers have several major architectural decisions that they must consider. These decisions involve which services should they organize themselves and which third party services should they leverage, and then should they manage and control their services or should they take the support of 3rd party services.

To develop developer productivity and competence, mobile app programmers should only establish their services if they are highly explicit to the domain of the application and represent the unique rational property. Also, even for the services, they organize themselves, they should most always leverage cloud-based services to organize and support their backend foundation.













AWS: An Introduction to Cloud Computing

AWS: An Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a cloud service from Amazon, which implement their services in the form of building blocks, these building blocks can be used to build and expand any type of application in the cloud.

Therefore, these building blocks produce to work with each other and result in the form which involves and highly scalable. AWS is an Amazon.com site that enlarges cloud computing services at very affordable prices, therefore making its customer base strong from small scale companies.

What is Cloud Computing?


cloud computing

It is the expiation of Computing services- including servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence- over the Internet to extend more electric innovation, manageable resources, and markets of scale.

It is the application of remote servers on the Internet to store, maintain and process data slightly than a local server or personal computer.


There are 3 categories in Cloud Computing:


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

It enables the company to use software without having to purchase them, which degrade the expenditure of the company drastically since they are already installed on the cloud server they can be instantly expanded and therefore saves time.


  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It presents developers to produce applications, support on a project without having to buy or support base. PaaS intend to make it easier for developers to instantly create webs or mobile apps, without bothering about setting up servers, storage, network, and database.


  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Thus, the common basic kind of cloud computing services. With IaaS, it enables companies to rent servers, storage space, etc from a cloud provider.

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In distinct domains AWS offer services


  • Compute

Moreover, it is related to prepare data on the cloud by building the use of strong processors that assist multiple occurrences at a time.

  • Storage and Content delivery

The expression storage is used to store data in the cloud but content delivery is used to cache data more expected to the user.

  • Database

The database is used to implement reliable relational and non-relational database instances run by AWS.

  • Networking

It involves services that present a variety of networking features such as security, faster access, for instance.

  • Management Tools

It involves services that can be used to achieve and observe your AWS instances.

  • Security and Identity

It holds services for user authentication or limiting access to a certain set of audiences on your AWS resources.

  • Application Services

It involves simple services like notification, emailing and queuing.

Applications of Cloud Computing


  • Create cloud-native applications– Instantly establish, expand and ascend applications- web, mobile and API.


  • Store, backup and recover data– Thus, Protect your data more cost-efficiently- and at massive scale- by transferring your data over the internet.


  • Test and build applications– Reduce development cost and time by using cloud infrastructure that can easily be scaled up or down.


  • Stream audio and video– Thus, connect with your audience anywhere, anytime, on any device with high definition audio and video with a global distribution.


  • Deliver software on-demand– SaaS is also known on-demand software lets you offer the latest version and updates around to customers- anytime they need, anywhere they are.


  • Analyze data– Thus, unite your data across teams, divisions, and locations in the cloud. Then manage cloud services, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to reveal penetrations for more well-read decisions.


  • Embed Intelligence– Use creative models to help engage customers and contribute valuable penetrations from the data seized.

How to utilize AWS services on an SAP cloud platform?



Moreover, SAP Cloud Platform’s cloud factory environment presents hope to requirement and to consume essential hyper-scale services. In this, let’s see how this permits Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Therefore, with SAP’s multi-cloud approach, we aim to provide our customers with seamless integration and reuse experience. Stay harmonized for more use-cases and situations using the fundamental services.

AWS Certification


Therefore, it helps in organizing cloud skills and advance toward AWS certification with the path. Some of the functions are:

  • Cloud Practitioner:- This path builds for individuals who want to build and approve an overall perception of the AWS cloud.


  • Architect:- Moreover, this path composes of resolutions architects, solution design engineers, and anyone who wants to learn how to create applications and systems on AWS. It will help you develop technical skills as you proceed along the path toward AWS Certification.


  • Developer:- It creates for software developers who want to learn how to extend cloud applications on AWS. Also, It helps in developing technical skills.


  • Operations:- Moreover, this path devises for SysOps administrators, systems administrators, and those in a DevOps role. You can explore whereby to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applicability, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.

AWS Pricing


However, I can imagine a couple of intellects, like

  • Customer Friendliness
  • Not too heavy on the pocket
  • How everything works without paying first.


  • Customer Friendliness

Amazon maintains that it is the most customer-seized company in the world, and if you have ever shop on Amazon, you would know that too.



  • Not heavy on the pocket


High-Cost - AWS Pricing - Edureka

AWS Pricing extends the most amazing options, you can hire a server for as cheap as 10$ a month!




  • Demo first, pay later


Buy-Now-Pay-Later - AWS Pricing - Edureka

AWS has been very reasonable in this, it offers this unbelievable free tier option, and to call it a demo would be an offense, why? Be patient, we have included everything.











Cloud Hosting – Today’s web services

Cloud Hosting - Today's web services

Cloud Hosting –  Today’s  web services

Cloud Hosting


The term cloud hosting Today’s web services means, the process of operating a website on multiple servers. There is an unlimited power as we can add a new server to scale up the growth of a business.


Cloud hosting is the provision of computational resources like data and software. It on demand through a defined and reliable computer network, and not from any local server.


In cloud computing, the consumers acknowledge a task-. like word procession, to the cloud computing service provider. It get their task completed successfully without retaining the software or hardware.


Cloud hosting is a framework as a service (IaaS) cloud delivery model that provides a suite of remote/virtual services. These are deliver on an on-demand basis and hosted on top of the cloud hosting framework.


It provides initial flexibility in scaling hosted resources. Moreover, cloud hosting may also cartel the volume of several servers to provide a single cloud-hosted server. Some of the cloud-hosted clarification are cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud storage and more.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The most important benefits of such web services are

  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness


Moreover, scalability refers to the extension of the website with minimum limitations. An efficient cloud server hosting profitable covers load balancing and hardware up-gradations.


Therefore, it can avoid  problems like server crash, migration of a website from shared server to a dedicated server.

However, some other benefits include Application Programming Interface (API) accessibility to software. The API service permits computer machines to interact with cloud software. This done in the same way like the user interface helps humans to interact with the computers.


The cloud hosting service permits the users to access their systems on web impartial of their location and thus providing location autonomy.


Applications of Cloud Hosting

If you want to set up a company but worried about the initial investments or expenditures on software and hardware installations. If you think your company`s growth gets affect due to limited investment in resources, then cloud  email hosting will be the best option for you.


It brings many assets through which an advantageous manage your company`s needs and abundance without larger expenses at the initial stages.

Services of cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting and services are provided by certain companies that charge their clients based on the quality of the computing power. It used by them just like electricity and water bills.


Today, India has emerged as the leading IT hub in the global market with thousands of highly recognized firms in the web hosting field.


The cloud hosting services in India offers various web services like cloud servers, cloud load balance, cloud files, and cloud sites to quiet the online business.


Cloud hosting has developed as a potent platform for online business websites on the internet and has surely taken the world a monsoon.


The cloud hosting services in India are fast boost as it has attained a growth from a business concept to a brilliant sector of a dedicated web server.


Therefore, these organizations are committed to achieving maximum client satisfaction. Thus has trained staff for doing difficult and complicated cloud server hosting with ease.




Create your website more responsive

                 Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?

Responsive design is the most important thing in web design. You might also be unsure as to whether or business website should be implementing responsive design. Responsive design can help you solve a lot of problems for your website.

It will make your site mobile friendly, improve the ways it look on devices with large and small screen and increase the amount of time that visitor spend on your site. It can also help you improve your ranking in search engine.

To find out responsive design is so important to your company website and also read the pros and cons you should know about before investing in a redesign.

What is Responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a way to put together a website so that it automatically scales its content and element to match the screen size on which it is viewed. It keeps images from being larger than the screen width and prevent visitors on mobile devices from needing to do extra work to read your content.


The entire goal of responsive design is to avoid the unnecessary resizing, scrolling, zooming or panning that occurs with sites that have not been optimized for different devices. It is often difficult to navigate these sites and may even cost you potential customers if they become frustrated with trying to figure out how to do something.


Responsive website design replace the previous need to design a dedicated mobile website for smartphone users. Now, instead of designing multiple websites for different screen sizes. You can design a single website that scale up or down automatically to match the device it’s being viewed on.

Why Should you invest in Responsive Web design?

We live in multi-screen society because it’s important for your site to be view able across as many devices as possible because you never know what devices used to view your website.


Responsive web design suggested that to appeal to both desktop and mobile viewers. In 2015 Google announced that mobile friendliness would become a ranking factor in its search engine algorithms.

Benefits of Responsive web design


1. Cost effectiveness

Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audience can get expensive. You can save money by eliminating the cost of paying for a mobile site.

 2. Flexibility

When you have a website with responsive design then you can change easily and quickly. You do not need to worry about making changes on two websites.

3. Improved user experience

User experience is crucial to website owners. You want people like your site and it want to be easy to convince them to come back. If someone visit your website on a mobile device and it take to forever load your picture and it’s not in proper resolution.

4. Search engine optimization gains

SEO is a strategy used by many companies to help boost themselves in Google search page ranking. Responsive design can help with SEO because google as mentioned, give preference to website that are mobile friendly.

5. Ease of management

Most business, especially smaller ones, don’t have a lot of time to update or refresh the way their website looks. You will never have to wonder if you should link the mobile or desktop site on a social media update, or question whether or not all of your redirect link will be working to get the right visitors to the right site.





What is SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and it’s features ?



SMTP Server

SMTP server


An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is an application that’s primary purpose is to send, receive, and/or relay outgoing mail between email senders and receivers.

An SMTP server will have an address (or addresses) that can set by the mail client or application that you are using and is the general format as smtp.serveraddress.com.

The main purpose of SMTP is used to set up communication rules between servers. The server has a way of identifying themselves and announce what kind of communication they are trying to perform. Therefore, they also have a way of handling the errors above all. For instance, In other words, if the recipient address is wrong, then receiving the server reply with an error message.


Moreover, it also supports:

  • It can send a single message to one or more recipient
  • Send message can include text, voice, video or graphics
  • Therefore, it can also send messages on the network outside the internet


Working of SMTP


  • Composition of mail:- A user sends an e-mail by composing an electronic mail message using a Mail User Agent (MUA). It is a program that use to send and receive mail.


  • Submission of mail:- After composing an mail, the client submits the complete mail to the SMTP server.


  • Delivery of mail:- Email address contains two parts: username of the recipient and domain name. Moreover,  For instance, ansh@gmail.com similarly where A is the username of the recipient and @gmail.com is the domain name.


  • Receipt and Processing of mail:- Therefore, the incoming messages receive, the exchange server delivers it to the incoming server which stores the e-mail where it waits for the user to retrieve it.


  • Access and retrieval of mail:- The stored email in MDA can retrieve by using MUA (Mail User Agent). MUA can access by using a login and password.


Features of an SMTP server


  • Dedicated IP address:- Use of dedicated IP address to increase your sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP.


  • SPF & DKIM record:- It’s your own company and domain sending the message and minimizes the number of messages that are marked spam.


  • Servers you can trust:- This server sends your mails using a secure SSL connection.


  • Statistics:- you can discover the number of messages sent out.


  • Reports:- It generates their sending report and delivery error report.



What is VPS Hosting ?

VPS Hosting


VPS hosting

VPS Hosting is a Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server. A VPS hosting environment mimics a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is one of the several types of web hosting accounts we can choose from to host our website online. To have a website on the internet, we have to need to have our website files on a web server. Setting up and managing a server can only be expensive, but difficult too. Purchasing web hosting allows someone to rent space on a web server, making it easier for the average person to have hosted a website online because all we need to do is upload their site files. 

Benefits Of VPS Hosting:- 


VPS hosting gives us the affordability of shared hosting while at the same time giving us more power and control like a dedicated server. 
1.Privacy As we do not share our OS with anyone else, there are no other websites on the server that have potential access to our files. 
2.CustomizationWith the VPS server we can have our own Operating System. This means that we have our own instances of all other applications such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL. If we need to have such services customized, we can make changes to suit the server of our needs. 
3.ControlIf we are installing server applications that require a customer restart, we can do this at any time. Even when we technically share a server with other VPS servers, it can be restarted without affecting anyone else. 
4.Dedicated Resources On this server, we can have dedicated amounts of RAM available. There is no one else on our server that can utilize all the RAM when we need it the most. VPS Hosting platform offers a choice between two distinct management styles. cPanelVPS hosting includes Optimized configurations for better performance. CloudVPS hosting includes full root access, lower price for more control and speed.

Why do I need A VPS?


VPS is an isolated environment with dedicated resources, which means you have more processing power and your site loader faster. VPS is best suited for applications that have seasonal traffic spikes or RAM-heavy/CPU intensive applications. If you are developing a new application that has a complex database and you’re not sure how many visits you we’ll get. VPS hosting is an affordable option to start with before you upgrade to a dedicated server.

WordPress Hosting India

Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting


WordPress hosting is just hosting that has been optimized to meet for better performance and security needs. It is the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world and to build a new website on the WordPress platform is the easiest way and most expeditious way to launch an online business.


There are two types of WordPress Hosting

1.Shared WordPress Hosting

2.Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. Shared Hosting:-In shared WordPress Hosting, the server shared your site with another website in which your server will optimize your performance. In addition, WordPress hosts will automatically upgrade your WordPress software, hence they also even upgrade your plugins with essential security measures.s s
  2. Managed Hosting:- Whenever it provides offers the faster speed, server-side caching, better security, staging sites above all. Thus the server-side caching needs plugins to handle it. Moreover, Security plays an important role in every service, as a result, it has better security simultaneously staging sites used to test the changes in WordPress sites above all.



WordPress is an open-source content management system that allow creating their own website. It can be used to build from a simple blog page to a business portfolio website. It can help to design a simple blog in a very designer way to represent in a very different way in which plugins used to create from aesthetics to layout or content creation


WordPress.com V/S WordPress.org


Thus, there are two types of  platform are wordpress.com & wordpress.org

Therefore, both of them are used for the blogging page & your site is hosted by WordPress and moreover, you will be assigned a subdomain website (e.g. yourname.wordpress.com). Thus, the benefit of hosting under is that it cost nothing for you. Moreover, WordPress.com doesn’t offer full access to the features of WordPress but as similar wordpress.org is better to use for.

WordPress Host


  • SiteGround (www.siteground.com)
  • A2Hosting  (www.A2Hosting.com)
  • Flywheel     (www.Flywheel.com)

What can WordPress do?


WordPress is an excellent platform for a variety of websites. From blogging to e-commerce to business and portfolio websites. It is a versatile CMS

  • Blog
  • E-Commerce
  • business
  • News
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Membership

Example of well-known WordPress websites


  • TechCrunch
  • MTV News
  • The White House




What are Linux Web Hosting



web hosting


Web hosting services like an internet service to make their website accessible for individuals and multiple organizations. Linux Web hosting service is an online server which is Linux based online service provider company. Therefore, it is the cheapest and affordable price in the market. Linux web hosting is suitable for small businesses.

The online server is the world-leading service provider company. The company also provides many experts which to share hosting plans according to their requirements. There is no matter where you start hosting from blog hosting, WordPress hosting, E-commerce hosting, Web hosting, VPS hosting. There thousand of the company they all offer Linux hosting.

Linux is the most popular operating system used by web hosting providers. Linux hosting services are user-friendly, Linux Hosting provides a shared hosting service in which multiple clients are hosted in a single server. Web host companies provide a space to a server that owner for use by the client. Web hosting companies also provide data center space and internet connection.

In the hosting technique, there are multiple protocols are used like file transfer protocol(FTP) to upload their files in the server. Linux hosting managed services are fast SSD block storage, DDoS protection, CDN, uptime monitoring, free resource

We can aware of some Ransome attacks which called locked that specifically target the Linux server. It also provides the PHP hosting


Some basic features of Linux web hosting 


  • Internet Hosting
  • cheapest and affordable price
  • suitable for small and medium business
  • Shared hosting server
  • use file transfer protocol to upload their files
  • Uptime monitoring
  • User-friendly
  • provide data center space

Linux is open-source which to used by any company or organization or by individual ones. The only that server which are provide in cheap rate and affordable price which are profit for their small and medium business they are not able to purchase but as well as advantage it also has disadvantage that Linux web hosting is an open server which to use each and every organization someone use for their benefit and unlimited to access those websites which are not best for our world.