Difference between Cloud hosting and Shared Hosting

There are main two hosting plans cloud hosting and shared hosting both are different hosting for requirement use of it.

Difference between Cloud hosting and Shared Hosting

Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting difference

 We have seen the two most differences between cloud and share hosting for you. Which is one need for you.

 Whenever you take a hosting plan, then you should take the hosting plan according to your requirements like small business big eCommerce website, client website and big company, etc. both have many differences depending on open cost, speed and performance so on.


What is Shared Hosting?

 Shared hosting is a hosting that is a physical server to host multiple websites. This hosting has every website located in a sprat location that fixes bandwidth, RAM, disk space, processing power, etc.

 Shared hosting has all websites run a single server that region has cost is low. and it can anyone who start new website and bloggers for low money using for this hosting plan.


What is Cloud Hosting?

  It is a modern web hosting. cloud hosting has many website hosts together. it is data storage in multiple servers that if any case one server any problem then another server to connect and start on us because another server has already a backup of all websites.

 Different between cloud and shared hosting:

  1.  Reliability :

                            Cloud hosting multiple server connect of any server in case this server has any problem then another one connects easy and that server has data already backup there have not problem of working. In another shared hosting have server falls then if you have not day by day backup then old data will go out and again complete work starting.


  1. Data backup:

                               Cloud hosting has multiple servers that have connected that region all server storage of backup and easy to fast connected and working. Shared hosting has only one server if this server has any problem that will find out the problem that that time will stop completely and if you have not backup manually day to day then the loss of data in this server will not back again.

  1. Websites performance:

                                               Website performance depends on many factors that include load time of SEO factors, errors of websites, the algorithm of search engine in that all have proper fixed that share hosting is provide sufficient speed of small business websites.

 Cloud hosting also depends on all these factors and also this hosting is big business website use than speed has depended on servers backup and server connection of the website in case speed much faster. 

  1. Scalability:

                                In cloud hosting have many servers then it automatically copies in a backup of us it has websites traffic is higher than plan it to cut of server that region we have lost of customer traffic in that have plans depending on traffic. On other hand shared hosting will not limit of traffic that complete data will reach and get good results for the business. 

  1. Security :

                             Shared hosting has multiple websites have the same IP address of working that region server provider of security of all data in case of update of host server then aware and fixed of that update will secure 

your website.

 Cloud hosting is more secure because it has a personal server and also server has changed of any problem that region IP address has change and website will secure. 

  1. Cost:

                         Shared hosting is an affordable price for starting new websites and small businesses. If that website traffic is high then change hosting and pay a good amount further.

 Cloud hosting is costlier compared to shared hosting but it is the money of value hosting.



  If only depend on you have to start of small business and website then share hosting is sufficient for you then days after your business and websites will grow and your data is much more and speed and security then you convert hosting plans.


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