Features on wordpress

a list of features on wordpress which will help you the next time you are preparing a post for your website.

Features on wordpress
Features on wordpress

Features of Wordpress:

Wordpress is one of the most popular website creation and management tool there is non the internet. Not only does it help blog writers in creating their own space on the internet but also helps e commerce website and helps small businesses widen their customer base. Wordpress is an easy to use website creation space and has some of the widest variety of pre designed templates for website. The platform also has an array of unknown and unknown features which can help make your life easier but also make your website more user friendly and attractive. 

Here are some of the hidden features present on Wordpress:

  1. Help: one features which is always unseen and invisible on software is the help option. So likely, even on Wordpress, the help option is something which the user oversee and thus cannot make the most out of when stuck somewhere. The help option on Wordpress helps you turn trouble into territory and get you out or risky waters.      
  2. Dashboard widgets: you can always add various screenshots on your Wordpress widgets which will hep you learn about your website performance by giving you a snapshot of the various attributes relates to your website. These attributes can be no of subscribers, backlinks, readers of a particular article, etc. these widgets also provide you features such as latest Wordpress features, updates, etc.
  3. Top earning posts: there are always some elements of a blog or e commerce websites which perform better than the other elements or help you attract a large no of leads thus increasing your audience/customer base. Wordpress allows you to pin these elements on the front page of the website thereby making this top gainer blog/product the star performer of the website and attracting new leads.
  4. Scheduling posts: just like Zoho, Wordpress allows you to schedule your posts for a Particular date or time and your posts will be ups on the site on the time you want it to. This feature helps you prepare your posts in advance and always stay ahead of the schedule. This often leads to uniform posting o the site and not random notification which the users appreciate. You can even make the niche of uploading a post on a particular date or time.
  5. Media embedding: Wordpress allows you to embed media in your posts just by copying and pasting the URL of the specific media while preparing for the posts. The media can be a GIF, Youtube Video, Image, etc.
  6. Page division: just like long and boring chapters in school books, nobody likes long posts. A long posts will result in the reader losing interest and not making it to the end of the posts. All you need to do is divide the post in multiple pages, smartly and making the reader go to the end of the page. This will also result in, you being able to include more internal links, which Bring us back to our next point.
  7. Internal linking: internal linking refers to links which help you navigate within the same page or website. With internal linking you can, guide the readers to read different articles or view the same products on your website, thus keeping them within the same website eco system and Wordpress helps you with that.
  8. Image editing: while most of the features here related to text, you can even edit the photos you want to upload on your post using Wordpress. You can crop, flip or rotate you images without much hassle. Not a professional photo editor, this feature gets the basic job done.
  9. Preview: you can preview how your post will look on different screen using the preview option on Wordpress. The preview option shows you how your site/post will look on phone, tab or laptop. The option helps you edit your post to how you need it to be before posting.
  10. Typing mode: wordpress gives you a gem of an option without the distraction cause by the sidebars and option on your dashboard or typing space. All you have to do it click the option and you get a blank typing space.
  11. Shortcuts on Wordpress: 
    1. ctrl+k: convert selected text into link
    2. alt+shift+h: show keyboard shortcuts
    3. alt+F10: navigate to the nearest toolbar
    4. alt+shift+f: fullscreen distraction free modern plain text mode

There are many more hidden features on Wordpress which we did not discuss in the article above. You can feel free to dd by commenting in the comment section below and let us know which features or hacks saved your time while working on wordpress. 

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