How can choose the best blogging platform in 2021in free and paid.

Top 5 paid and free blogging platforms 1. WordPress 2. Tumbler 3. Blogger 4. Hostgator 5. Wix and that all best platform for blogging in that paid and free both are available.

How can choose the best blogging platform in 2021in free and paid.

How can choose the best blogging platform in 2021in free and paid.


If you start your blog posting then which one is your best platform. It is quite difficult for choosing a blogging platform because many platforms are available so that region I posted this blog to solve that problem.


First, we have lookup your requirement if you are a beginner then what you see of platforms is low cost, easy to use, and easy to set up. And also not required any coding.


 When you have to post your blogs after a time your website traffic high in case need your updating requirement if you have picked the wrong platform in case starting then this time maybe you not change your platform. in case your time and hard work will be lost it.


In this article, we have seen the best blogging platform and pros and cons that helpful for choosing easily. Let start with blogging platforms.


  1. WordPress


                            It is the most powerful  blogging platform software .this will help full easy to use and today approx  40 % website WordPress in internet running. It is an open-source blogging platform and it can some minutes make a website and blog easily.


Many platforms will make blogs and website very complected but is easy to set up. and you have easy to changes of website and your blog post without any developer requirement.


WordPress pros:



Control: this platform all aspects control my self. In that many features that will help to grow in that blogging field such example forums, paid membership, and online stores. Also, many free and paid plugins that help to develop your website.


WordPress has many free themes that you drag and drop to change and attractive your website and blogs. blogging growth is dependent on URL and SEO important aspects that WordPress have a feature to make its friendly URL and an SEO plugin to great SEO score.



WordPress cons :



IF you have not idea about the website that little bit learning then will be easy for you. And WordPress websites and blog have own backup required when you did not back up your data in case some security have a problem then not come back your data so keep backup manually.



If not using WordPress .org blogging platform that has to make own blogging website that required domain and hosting in domains $14.99/year and hosting starting$7.99/month.


  1. Wix

                      This is a good platform to build a has a drag and drops to make your website for small businesses. and also make a blogging website.


If you not making a blogging website only posting blogs then you using the Wix blog app and post your content. In that not required any coding skills.


Wix Pros:


 easy to drag and drop setup, and also blog app that helps you blogs public platform in that many templets that your post will attractive.


Wix cons:


 Wix account has limited features show and it wix app have show own ads in the blog post. in one time use any template then not change template, the e-commerce platform is paid.




In that free account using at limit then premium plans starting $8.50/month and up to $24.50/month.


  1. Hostgator


                              This platform has widely used for all types of websites in blogs, business sites, and eCommerce stores. I also have drag and drop to make the website easy. In that make WordPress websites by using HostGator hosting services. if you not working for websites that gator is a blog platform by Hostgator.



Hostgator pros:


Easy to use by drag and drop and build own like websites. faster setup no coding skill required. In that have not backup and security problem because it provides that plan and handles HostGator .hostgator have all plans have SSL certification and free domain provide. It easy to build your online store.


Hostgator cons :


In that no free account to use that only 45-day money-back guarantee and it plane cost much higher.And the limitation of extension.



 that stating plan $3.46/month and not a limitation of the end.


  1. Blogger


                          If anyone starting for blogging that blogger is free of the platform by google. This blogger platform easy to use and that user has non-tech-savvy.


This is the earliest blogging platform in have many millions of user and maximum user are a beginner to use this platform.


Blogger Pros: 


it is free to use the account and not any requirement of skills. And is the best secure platform by google.


Blogger cons: 


Bloggers have limited features in a limit to grow after no updates in this platform.if any case google has your blogs suspend then not showing your blogger account.

Price: it is totally free to the user. If you required attention features then using a third-party domain and another tool.



  1. Tumblr



                       Its platform has different all that we have seen in this platform have microblogging platform by including social networking features. This platform helps to build in sharing tool. It simple because having 250-300 words has to make microblogging and if moar to then share your other links.



Tumblr pros:



Tumbler has both free and paid platform provides in a free domain have using subdomain ex.  and paid for requirement your need. It was also easy to use. In that using all that feature like images, video, and gifs file so on same working another platform.



Tumblr cons:



Tumblr a limit to free features then the plan has started. it has thems provide but additional features are paid .after using a limit to Tumblr is growth limitation.



 it also frees a limitation you have using the third party app and using that plan.



You want to the growth of blogging field than starting in that free plan using and limits will you have sufficient traffic then make your own website with help to the domain and hosting in that help for nexahost has helped to cheap and another guide of website help.

if you know about hosting then check out the difference between shared hosting and cloud hosting.


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