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Top 5 Email Hosting Service Providers in India

Email hosting is a service that runs email servers. Similarly, if you own a domain name and want email service on that domain name, you would need to sign up for email hosting services. Most web hosting companies provide you with email hosting as well. However, the email hosting service provided by web hosting companies for the most part only supplies you with a POP3 email. Similarly, some of the free hosting providers are ad-supported. Again, if you own a small or medium-sized business, then you should not want to operate your business email using one of these providers since the email service is typically sub-par as compared to a professional email hosting providers.

 Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India



Using a professional email hosting service should give you peace of mind. You should be able to focus on your business while the email hosting provider manages your email service. Therefore, Most hosting providers offer a rich set of webmail features including unlimited aliases, unlimited forwarders, autoresponders, large attachments, robust spam/virus protection, mail rules, IMAP/POP3, online storage, calendars, mailing lists, whitelists, blacklists, backups, archiving, folder management, contacts management, etc.

Similarly, professional email hosting services are very affordable. It eliminates the need for in-house email servers and IT people to manage those email servers. Compared to email hosting providers by taking advantage of the free trials that most email hosting companies tend to provide and then choose the one that works best for your needs.

Top 5 Email Hosting Providers

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers

1. Nexahost

Nexahost offers fast and unlimited Web Hosting, VPS, Managed, Scale Cloud, Premium reseller hosting and bespoke hosting. So regardless of your needs and the size of your business, we have your hosting covered. However, We offer a full selection of popular and unique domains, along with fully featured hosting packages, SSL security certificates, and WhoisGuard privacy protection.

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers


2. iPage

Our focus is not only on web hosting but on our people – customers and employees, alike. It’s the human element that makes iPage different in this technology-driven industry. Therefore, one of our foremost goals is to ensure the best possible experience for you, our customers. Upon sign-up, we promptly assist you with designing your site, creating your email address, and even pushing the big “publish” button. You can count on our help every step of the way.

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers


3. Bluehost

Bluehost is a go-to website hosting partner for quick access to live chat and phone support from technical wizards. Therefore, It offers a helpful demo account, so you can learn how the control panel works in advance to manage your website. Also, there are multiple security tools, such as admin password protection, a secure FTP, daily server backups and shared and dedicated SSL certificates, to keep information safe.

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers


4. InMotion

Website hosting offers domain and website services, in addition to website online web hosting equipment to diverse enterprise sorts. However, Their offerings encompass shared website hosting, VPS website hosting, and devoted servers. InMotion web hosting boasts of a very professional track document It has been branded by means of CNET as a pinnacle-rated website hosting employer for 14 years.

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers


5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With 18.5M+ customers worldwide and 77M+ domain names under management. Similarly, GoDaddy is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work.

Top 5 Email Hosting Service Provider in India, Email Hosting, Email Hosting Services, Email Hosting Providers



Few Benefits of Business Email Hosting

  • Similarly, Supports all email related protocols, such as POP3, Secure SSL, IMAP, SMTP
  • Anti-virus and Advanced anti-spam protection
  • Support Unlimited Email accounts
  • Unlimited Storage and Free Backups
  • Freedom to Use your own domain
  • No Advertisements

Main points to look for a Business Email Hosting

  • Reliability – opt for 99.9% uptime guarantee Email hosting providers
  • Accessibility anywhere on any kind of device Email hosting providers
  • The customized business email hosting option
  • Round the clock technical assistance/support
  • Unlimited attachment sizes
  • Filter messages/emails on the server-side
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space
  • Online Address Book, Mailing Lists and Auto-responders
  • Shared & synchronized tasks, calendars and contacts



Introduction To SMTP and POP3: How it all Works

SMTP is part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. Using a process called “store and forward,”. It moves your email on and across networks. the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to send your communication to the right come So it works closely with something referred to as puter and email inbox.

The client who wants to send the mail opens a TCP connection to the SMTP server and then sends the mail across the relationship.  The SMTP server is constantly in listening mode. As soon because it listens for a TCP connection from any client, the SMTP procedure initiates a connection on that port (25). After successfully establishing the TCP connection the client process sends the mail instantly.

SMTP at work

It provides a set of codes that simplify the communication of email messages between email servers. It is a kind of shorthand that allows a server to break up different parts of a message into categories the other server can understand. When you send a message out, it was strings of text which can be separated through the code words (or numbers) that identify the purpose of each section.

SMTP provides those codes, and email server software designed to understand what they mean. As each message travels towards its destination, it sometimes passes through a number of computer systems as well as their single  MTAs. As it does, it’s briefly stored before it moves on to the next computer in the path.

Outgoing Email Server – SMTP

It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It handles the sending of emails.

The ability to support email services includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Together, they allow the user to send outgoing mail and retrieve incoming mail, respectively.

The SMTP server performs two basic functions:

  1. It verifies that anyone attempting to send outgoing email through the SMTP server.
  2. It sends the outgoing mail and if undeliverable, sends the message back to the sender.

POP3 Email Accounts

POP3 is the oldest internet message access protocol. It was designed to assist offline/local email processing. Email delivered to a mail server and a faraway email client periodically downloads the email from the server to the customer’s computer.

Once the messages delivered, they deleted from the mail server, although customers can configure their email client to leave a copy of the email on the mail server.

POP3 email accounts require an email client to send and receive emails. Common email customers include Netscape Messenger, Outlook specific, and more.

when you check your email using an email client, it makes a connection in your mail server and downloads your emails on your computer. Observe that POP3 handles mail access (or mail retrieval) only. Email sending is handling by SMTP.

Advantages of POP3

  • All emails downloaded to your computer. So you can read your emails without being logged onto the Internet.
  • Opening attachments are easy and quick as the file already downloaded on to your computer.

Disadvantages of POP3

  • All messages downloaded on to the accessing email client/computer.
  • Hence which means that the user will want to go again to the same computer to access the emails.

3 Client Loyalty Tips that’ll be Useful For You USA

Client loyalty has to someplace. Before a purchaser decides that they will utterly decide to a corporation and buy handiest from them, they have to first preserve some interior beliefs with a purpose to make it suppose “trustworthy” to make this dedication.3 Client Loyalty Tips, i’ll tell you.

Earlier than getting married, a character has to maintain some identical beliefs about their advantage spouse – they would must believe their partner loves them, will likely be devoted to them, and can stick around by way of hard occasions. A client must be in a position to feel a similar security from a industry they’re to turn out to be loyal to.

3 Client Loyalty Tips:-

These three tips are on the heart of client loyalty. A consumer will maintain a number of of those core beliefs if they’re truly a loyal purchaser. The three core beliefs are:

  1. I believe this industry is committed to offering the fine carrier feasible.
  2. I consider this trade real offers the quality pleasant within the industry.
  3. I feel this industry is watching out for my excellent interests

1. They always Provide the Best Service Possible

Subsequently, a client that believes a enterprise continuously supplies the high-quality service viable will be much more likely to become loyal. Fine satisfactory with terrible carrier equals a bad expertise for the consumer. Folks wish to return to areas the place they’re dealt with kindly, relatively, and with respect. When a client believes a corporation is continually going to go above and past to provide a nice expertise, they easily turn out to be loyal to that organization over time.

Constructing client loyalty starts with these 3 tips. Your purchasers won’t usually formulate any beliefs about your manufacturer the first time they shop with you or buy from you – beliefs are fashioned over time. Providing consistency is vital to constructing consumer loyalty considering that the purchaser needs time to decide that your corporation is worth fitting loyal to.

2. They offer the Best Quality Around:

When a client believes a enterprise real presents the quality excellent within the industry, why would they ever go anywhere else? Believing a corporation has top satisfactory merchandise or offerings is a major influential element in client loyalty. Even with exceptional prices, friendly workers, and a comfortable atmosphere, consumers received’t become loyal except there may be additionally confirmed great.

3. They’re Looking out for My Best Interests:

If an employee runs out of a grocery store to supply a forgotten bag or exchange to a consumer, how does the customer feel? Grateful, blissful, amazed, and really cheerful. That’s seeing that they suppose that the employee – and the company, through association – used to be looking out for his or her possess satisfactory interests. When a patron believes a manufacturer is looking out for them, they are potentially to come to be loyal to that organization.

I hope these Client Loyalty Tips may be useful for You.

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