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AWS: An Introduction to Cloud Computing

AWS: An Introduction to Cloud Computing

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a cloud service from Amazon, which implement their services in the form of building blocks, these building blocks can be used to build and expand any type of application in the cloud.

Therefore, these building blocks produce to work with each other and result in the form which involves and highly scalable. AWS is an Amazon.com site that enlarges cloud computing services at very affordable prices, therefore making its customer base strong from small scale companies.

What is Cloud Computing?


cloud computing

It is the expiation of Computing services- including servers, storage, database, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence- over the Internet to extend more electric innovation, manageable resources, and markets of scale.

It is the application of remote servers on the Internet to store, maintain and process data slightly than a local server or personal computer.


There are 3 categories in Cloud Computing:


  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

It enables the company to use software without having to purchase them, which degrade the expenditure of the company drastically since they are already installed on the cloud server they can be instantly expanded and therefore saves time.


  • PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It presents developers to produce applications, support on a project without having to buy or support base. PaaS intend to make it easier for developers to instantly create webs or mobile apps, without bothering about setting up servers, storage, network, and database.


  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Thus, the common basic kind of cloud computing services. With IaaS, it enables companies to rent servers, storage space, etc from a cloud provider.

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In distinct domains AWS offer services


  • Compute

Moreover, it is related to prepare data on the cloud by building the use of strong processors that assist multiple occurrences at a time.

  • Storage and Content delivery

The expression storage is used to store data in the cloud but content delivery is used to cache data more expected to the user.

  • Database

The database is used to implement reliable relational and non-relational database instances run by AWS.

  • Networking

It involves services that present a variety of networking features such as security, faster access, for instance.

  • Management Tools

It involves services that can be used to achieve and observe your AWS instances.

  • Security and Identity

It holds services for user authentication or limiting access to a certain set of audiences on your AWS resources.

  • Application Services

It involves simple services like notification, emailing and queuing.

Applications of Cloud Computing


  • Create cloud-native applications– Instantly establish, expand and ascend applications- web, mobile and API.


  • Store, backup and recover data– Thus, Protect your data more cost-efficiently- and at massive scale- by transferring your data over the internet.


  • Test and build applications– Reduce development cost and time by using cloud infrastructure that can easily be scaled up or down.


  • Stream audio and video– Thus, connect with your audience anywhere, anytime, on any device with high definition audio and video with a global distribution.


  • Deliver software on-demand– SaaS is also known on-demand software lets you offer the latest version and updates around to customers- anytime they need, anywhere they are.


  • Analyze data– Thus, unite your data across teams, divisions, and locations in the cloud. Then manage cloud services, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to reveal penetrations for more well-read decisions.


  • Embed Intelligence– Use creative models to help engage customers and contribute valuable penetrations from the data seized.

How to utilize AWS services on an SAP cloud platform?



Moreover, SAP Cloud Platform’s cloud factory environment presents hope to requirement and to consume essential hyper-scale services. In this, let’s see how this permits Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Therefore, with SAP’s multi-cloud approach, we aim to provide our customers with seamless integration and reuse experience. Stay harmonized for more use-cases and situations using the fundamental services.

AWS Certification


Therefore, it helps in organizing cloud skills and advance toward AWS certification with the path. Some of the functions are:

  • Cloud Practitioner:- This path builds for individuals who want to build and approve an overall perception of the AWS cloud.


  • Architect:- Moreover, this path composes of resolutions architects, solution design engineers, and anyone who wants to learn how to create applications and systems on AWS. It will help you develop technical skills as you proceed along the path toward AWS Certification.


  • Developer:- It creates for software developers who want to learn how to extend cloud applications on AWS. Also, It helps in developing technical skills.


  • Operations:- Moreover, this path devises for SysOps administrators, systems administrators, and those in a DevOps role. You can explore whereby to create automatable and repeatable deployments of applicability, networks, and systems on the AWS platform.

AWS Pricing


However, I can imagine a couple of intellects, like

  • Customer Friendliness
  • Not too heavy on the pocket
  • How everything works without paying first.


  • Customer Friendliness

Amazon maintains that it is the most customer-seized company in the world, and if you have ever shop on Amazon, you would know that too.



  • Not heavy on the pocket


High-Cost - AWS Pricing - Edureka

AWS Pricing extends the most amazing options, you can hire a server for as cheap as 10$ a month!




  • Demo first, pay later


Buy-Now-Pay-Later - AWS Pricing - Edureka

AWS has been very reasonable in this, it offers this unbelievable free tier option, and to call it a demo would be an offense, why? Be patient, we have included everything.











Best SAP Business Consulting Support Services Provider in USA -Vmayo

What is SAP and SAP Business Consulting Support Services?

SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing.
SAP definition is also named of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software as well the name of the company.
The software of SAP Found in 1972 by Wellenreuther, Hopp, Hector, Plattner, and Tschira.
A system of SAP consists of a number of fully integrated modules, which covers virtually every aspect of the business management.
The SAP is #1 in the ERP market. As of 2010, SAP has more than 140,000 installations worldwide, over 25 industry-specific business solutions and more than 75,000 customers in 120 countries
Other Competitive products of SAP Software in the market are Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics etc.

Business Consulting Support

Why Vmayo Technologies Best SAP Business Consulting Support Services Provider

Or perhaps the question is what should SAP Business Consulting be? This week, I was reflecting with my support team around what should our customers expect from us in our SAP Consulting provision. The prevailing answer was, of course, the best, but what components make up the best provision?
I personally have never written a blog before but the energy in the room made me think to put pen to paper and share some of our thoughts. Although we had a big list, I managed to distill it down to what we felt as a team was the critical areas that make an essential SAP Business Consulting Support Services work.

Part of the team:

We hear the term ‘partnering’ used frequently and almost casually now, but I think SAP Business Consulting Support needs to take this one step further. SAP Business Consulting Support provision should create an extension to a company’s own team. An extension that understands the business processes that SAP facilitates and indeed knows the importance of ‘the when’ and ‘the how’ all of these processes play out, not to mention the emotional impact on the wider team when these are compromised.

Personal Approach:

An extended team that knows your business processes. I think we all know, unlikely found in large call centers servicing hundreds of customers. This type of model only is formed close relationships are formed between colleagues, ownership of issues and the accountability to resolve them falls with a consistent reliable team rather than being passed from pillar to post with no transparency.

Trusted Advisor:

So, where does the journey to this kind of relationship start? As you might expect – with trust.
– Do what you said you would at the start, get the transition right!
– Share knowledge and share the challenges faced.
Working with personable dedicated consultants who demonstrate integrity in their day-to-day interactions with you will help reaffirm that your support partner right cultural fit for you and your needs.


Feeling you have the ‘right fit’ with your SAP Business Consulting Support Partner is more than just the cultural feel of the relationship though, it also has to be backed up by the right experience. How long has your partner been operating its service and what is the average years’ experience in the team? Making sure these all add up is more likely to ensure that you are going to get the end-to-end comprehensive experience that you desire.

Cost Efficiency:

All these attributes shouldn’t cost you the earth either. They should be a part of a cost-effective and flexible solution that pairs up to your needs. As also times change, there must be a degree of fluidity where your SAP Business Consulting Support partner. It can react to the changing needs of your business without awkward rigidity.

Evolving Relationship:

Make sure that your partner can evolve with you in your SAP Business Consulting Support journey and help you roadmap the future of the possible. So that ensuring that your technology is future proof and you get the user experience that your organization needs. Road mapping also this journey with you to help you plan costs vs requirements the heart of a true partnership.
There may seem to be many things to consider when thinking about SAP Business Consulting Support, but it more complicated? No. Taking the complication away is the job of your SAP Business Consulting Support partner. So that you can focus on what is important to you and your business knowing that your SAP system is in the safe hands of your extended team.

We hope you found our SAP Business Consulting Support Services blog informative. If you’d like to learn more about our services, delighted to hear from you! Please email sales@vmayo.com or submit.

Reasons To Be Thankful for S/4 HANA

First announced in February 2015 (followed in May 2015 with the announcement of SAP S/4HANA, Cloud Edition) S/4HANA is a complete ERP system, covering the core, mission-critical business processes across lines of business, such as finance, sales, service, marketing, commerce, procurement and sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain, asset management, research and development, and human resources.

Hence SAP customers have spent years assembling complex systems in a compute constrained world. S/4HANA ends this, and the promise of a digital core holds unbridled and unprecedented opportunity.

Business Benefits of S/4HANA

S/4HANA improvements over prior SAP ERP systems or competing, non-SAP systems include lower TCO, improved user interface, easier maintenance, better integration with other applications (especially cloud apps), faster reporting, real-time analytics, new business processes and business models, deeper customer interaction and improved customer service, and most importantly, simplification, simplification, simplification.

Benefits of shifting from SAP Business Suite to SAP S/4HANA include:

  • A savings of 400 working hours for each quarterly closing
  • 86% faster reporting
  • 26% faster year-end closings with a 61% cost reduction
  • 24% revenue growth through new customer acquisition
  • 30% increased market share
  • 22% reduction in human effort
  • 50% production acceleration
  • 90% increase in speed of processes

Reasons to be thankful for S/4HANA

 A digital core, clear-cut business benefits and massive partner power aren’t enough to convince you of S/4HANA’s value. So here are five additional reasons to be thankful S/4HANA is in your future.

It’s intelligent 

Officially launched in July of this year at SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP Leonardo combines Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), the blockchain, Big Data in a comprehensive digital innovation system that enables customers to innovate at scale and redefine their business. Hence In September SAP announced SAP S/4HANA 1709, a new release of SAP’s next-generation ERP suite that incorporates SAP Leonardo Machine Learning capabilities and predictive analytics into core business processes to help organizations stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. The new applications powered by SAP Leonardo and included in SAP S/4HANA 1709 provide real-time insights and business context while simultaneously freeing resources from repetitive tasks.

It’s proven 

S/4HANA continues to be adopted by the most forward thinking global companies. In Q3 2017, approximately 600 additional customers signed up for S/4HANA (of which more than 40% were net new), bringing the total number of S/4HANA customers to more than 6,900, making S/4HANA the fastest-selling product in SAP’s history. Hence In September of this year, SAP announced Daimler AG as the 1,000th customer to go live with SAP S/4HANA, an important milestone for the real-time intelligent ERP suite.

It’s powered by HANA 

With business-process speed improvements up to100,000x, SAP on HANA is fast, empowering businesses to run live — to transact, analyze and predict instantly on a single platform at the moment of opportunity. In addition, HANA simplifies IT landscapes by eliminating redundancy-driven server sprawl and, ultimately,  the need for multiple, separate business intelligence systems, but that’s just the beginning. 

It’s flexible 

Many core enterprise systems today think of the ERP boom in the ’90  are flirting. With overdue replacement cycles and/or upgrades, extensive and expensive customizations. Rising maintenance costs and, most critically, a lack of flexibility needed to meet today’s changing business demands. It also goes without saying that companies of all sizes and across all industry. That are rapidly migrating core processes to the cloud. Hence available on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid deployment S/4 HANA enables. So SAP on-premise customers to begin shifting more IT into the cloud, leverage advances in big-data analytics. And ubiquitous mobility, and step up the pace of innovation throughout their organization. 


5 reasons why people are so mad for SAP Certification

SAP Certification is the most sought-after certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world. In every nook and corner of the world, it has created tremendous buzz among the IT professionals. Probably, SAP Certification is one of the most criticised certifications, but at the same, it is one of the biggest dreams for a number of individuals. Many people have criticised in many ways by writing blogs, articles and even books. But, nobody can rule out the craze that it has created in this fast moving IT world. SAP Certification is one of the most successful IT certifications in the recent past.

Though there is the number of restrictions and hurdles kept by SAP policies for people in particular regions, still it has not lessened the interest for this SAP Certification. Personally, I am not in favor of the SAP discriminatory policies for appearing SAP Certification based on their region. As a global company and equal opportunity employer, SAP should have made the similar kind of rules in allowing the people for appearing the SAP Certification.


SAP Certified consultants will enjoy a special recognition with their employer and the prospective employers. Many prospective employers still publish their jobs by stating that “SAP Certification is the mandatory/value-added advantage”. You will see there is the number of jobs in the market with this kind of statements. These statements will drive the number of SAP job hoping aspirants to get them certified.  For those employers, SAP is a third party, which is certifying that the said individual has adequate knowledge in a particular area at that point in time.

They have to believe the certification from SAP as a third party and consider that as one of the yardsticks in selecting the candidates. In addition, SAP is also serving Logos, ID cards (not sure whether ID Cards are discontinued) to the individuals who have passed the SAP Certification. People still have the same craze for these logos and ID cards to put on their CVs and show ID Cards to the public. These logos are still fetching the good amount of recognition from the recruiters. I still wonder how SAP is taking steps to prevent this misuse).


This is the most primary reason one motive that the general public is enrolling for SAP Certification is with a wish that it’s going to get them a respectable process in SAP area. There is the number of precedents, where numerous people have executed respectable profession in SAP based on their SAP Certification. finally, their testimonies are becoming out to be the maximum successful testimonies. a lot of those people have finished professional fulfillment and served the range of top worldwide agencies.

SAP Certification has helped them to move from far off regions to one of the world’s topmost cities. Their friends, juniors, colleagues, and others are inspired by this. And they’re additionally hoping to copy the identical success memories. most of the people still trust that they can get a respectable process in SAP arena and that activity will flip their and their subsequent generations’ fortunes. It’s far the motive why there are people equipped to leave their jobs in spite of extra than 20 years of the area enjoy and wanted to do the SAP certification so as to interrupt into SAP world.


People luckily find some benevolent employers, who sponsor the employees’ education. They will take every effort, even in a most depressed economic situation, to allocate training budget and train their employees on the key skills. Some employers will reimburse the certification costs (unfortunately, I am yet to find one).

The prime reason being, mentally they never intended to miss that free deal. In their opinion, if it is a free deal, they will go and grab an Olympic gold medal. You will find such lucky employees working with such lovely employers, get easily motivated at a faster rate to grab the reimbursement benefits for passing the SAP Certification.


Many of the people who are enrolling for SAP Certification. Still, believe that it is a good way of long-term investment. They are hoping that this SAP Certification. Still able to fetch them a reasonably good amount of returns on their investment. Some of the people still believe that SAP Certification can be a Euro Million Jackpot in their lives. It may be true to a certain extent as the number of consultants has seen rapid growth. In their professional careers, even it has given them the more than thousand percent of growth and money.

The markets are very volatile and the ever increasing demand for quality people. Still, some of the employers believe that SAP Certification is a good way of measuring the knowledge of the people. With this intention, they are still looking for knowledgeable SAP Certified consultants. The hope of getting a good amount of money from those employers. It is one of the best motivators for people doing the SAP Certification.


SAP Certification is a confidence booster and it gives a lot of self-respect for them. The recognition and reputation among the people make them feel special. To visualize this feeling make them much stronger and they believe that they are not inferior to anybody. There are many ways of developing one’s self-respect, but when they are being certified. By the reputed organization like SAP, it gives them a strong sense of responsibility and self-respect. This kind of self-respect is one of the most strong motivating reasons to enroll themselves for SAP Certification.

3 Ways To Squeeze Your SAP Maintenance Costs

Recently had a call from an unhappy SAP customer moaning approximately the high expenses of SAP Consulting Service annual protection and questioning whether or not they’re getting an appropriate fee for the money. I’m afraid that this is not a one-off conversation but something that is shooting up regularly nowadays.

The factors main to the dissatisfaction consist of :

  1. CIOs are keen to shift spend from boring legacy IT like paying renovation on infrastructure to new, greater interesting stuff. What Forrester calls business generation — that assist win, serve and maintain customers.
  2. Difficult financial instances re-attention procurement’s lens lower back directly to the ones huge chunks of money that companies want for maintenance.
  3. SAP has been growing maintenance expenses to try to get anyone paying 22% of the net license costs every year.

The cause, the facts remain that SAP’s maintenance costs (like software vendors).  Are a big expense item on many CIOs budgets. 

There are 3 ways which squeeze your maintenance cost are : –

Before you even start negotiating with SAP use a number of the greater recent software asset management gear. That recognizes all SAP’s licensing nuances (together with the now feared ‘indirect get entry to’ issue). To help ease up your SAP property. This may give you a clear photo of what you have got and what you want. It’ll also highlight discrepancies between what you have licensed and what you absolutely need.  Or are you procuring top rate license variants whilst in fact decrease value versions are extra than ok? In different words, so you’ve got too many professional consumer licenses.  When are confined professional licenses more than enough to cover your user’s needs?

If you are planning to buy for greater new software from SAP (e.g, S/4 HANA). Then make certain you integrate your new stuff conversation together with your annual maintenance conversation. SAP will attempt to maintain these conversations separately. However, you need to keep them related we should deal with the entire package deal here. One example I noticed currently become wherein SAP turned into supplying to change unused license renovation fees for new cloud licenses as a way to sweeten the deal and to reduce the net new spend. And if you are trying to leap to SAP’s cloud, then what about getting a trade-in credit in on any on-premise SAP software program you are approximate to update with variations of their cloud?

Have you ever gotten a quote from one of the third party SAP preservation agencies such as Rimini street or Spinnaker guide? Whether or not you select to go with these corporations and save yourselves 50% of the money you currently pay to SAP. Or whether or not you operate them as negotiation leverage. To force SAP to decrease their protection prices is up to you. Third parties are actually making critical in-roads into SAPs client base. And do pose an actual danger to their excessive margin preservation cash cow. And as with any negotiation, it’s exact to have a preference. Because it makes both parties bidding on your commercial enterprise work more difficult.