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A Complete Overview of Blog Hosting: Features and Needs

Do you know what is blog hosting? If you don’t know blog hosting you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, you know the blog hosting at the beginning. A blog is only for online daily notes. So, Nexahost is a live example of a blogging platform. Therefore, the blog is used to describe the website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. Also, It is regular updates in the form of individual entries, or posts.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal, weblog or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first in a search engine (Websites). Furthermore, it is an abbreviated version of “weblog“, The word blog was created by combining the words “web” and “blog”. Hence, it is like a platform where a group of writers or writers share their views on an individual subject and a regularly updated website or web page.

What is Blog Hosting?

A blog host is a company that provides the space on its servers and equipment to store your blog for the websites. In this way, the blog can be reached by anyone online over the internet. Also, a blog hosting provider charges a small amount of fee to store your blog on its server.

Therefore, some of the companies that provide free of the blog hosting services. Noteworthy, Some of the blog hosts providing the blogging software.

Blog Hosting Sites, WordPress, Blogger.com, Wix

Blog Hosting Sites:

Nowadays you are aware that the point of hosting If you want to use the blog hosting services. Therefore, you can expect to pay a bit of the money for the more space of the server, fast speed, and user-friendly features. Let’s come to know the best blog hosting sites.

Here are the best blog hosting sites:-

  • 1. Nexahost
  • 2. WordPress
  • 3. Wix
  • 4. Joomla
  • 5. Blogger.com

1. Nexahost:

A Nexahost is the best web blog host that keeps costs low. Almost, it’s fairly easy to install and would not know the coding to put on the websites. While, if you want to get own host and domain at a very affordable cost. Therefore,  the platform is highly customized and offer’s a lot of services that included free and paid. Hence, the company provides high-quality server and one-click installation services.

Experience the Nexahost Features:

  • Up to 20X faster servers
  • Free Account Migration
  • 99.9% Uptime commitment
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Safe and secure service
  • Reliable

“Understanding Blog Hosting with Nexahost and Start Growing Your Business Online”

2. WordPress:

WordPress.com is hosted on the WordPress Server. Also, it’s easy for a beginner to set up a blog. Therefore, it is perfect if you don’t care about doing a lot of customization. Also, WordPress offers both types of services like free and paid. Almost, If you want to upgrade your service, then you switch to the wordpress.org. So, the wordpress.org is the big brother of wordpress.com and definitely, the blogger uses the service of WordPress.


  • Create a robust website
  • Custom domains and themes
  • Standards Compliant Coding
  • Publish with Ease
  • Full Standards Compliance
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Application Framework
Source: wordpress.com

3. Wix:

A Wix blog hosting or a website builder you can set up an impressive way of your blog. And also, manage easily with the drag and drop editors. Also, Wix provides social media tools and customer support included and value plans include unlimited bandwidth and free domain name. Therefore, It is most popular in the hosting plan.


  • Easy to use with the classic editor
  • SSL Security with fully integrated E-Commerce
  • 24*7 help and tech team support

4. Joomla:

It is the most popular open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Also, It helps you to build dynamic websites and Powerful applications. Therefore, Joomla is written in PHP and uses MySQL database to store the data while using object-oriented programming techniques, because of the advanced technology. Furthermore, It can be set up with a one-click install through the web hosting control panel. Almost, There are 100+ Articles written for helping you in how to install Joomla.

Where to use Joomla-

  • Small business websites
  • E-commerce
  • Government, non-profit and Organisational websites
  • Corporate websites or portals
  • Community-based website

5. Blogger.com:

A blogger.com is a free blog publishing service provider that allows Multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries Or in other words we say that blogger.com is a free weblog service from Google that allows the member to share blog content, Article, text, videos, and photos. Currently, Blogger offers private and multi-user blogs. Finally, it was developed and launched by Pyra Labs in San Francisco in August 1999 but finally, Google purchased it in February 2003.

Features of Blogger.com

  • 24*7 Support Service
  • Very fast and Reliable
  • Simple-to-use Interface & earn money
  • Totally Free Website with One simple ID
  • Add photos and videos to your post & feedback from your reader
Source: blogger.com

How to find a blog host?

Some of the features to look for include in the blog host:

  • The low-cost domain name of free
  • 24*7 technical support
  • Free site builder software
  • SSL certificate (for security)
  • Email accounts
  • Storage space for your blog on the server

Step to a Self Hosted Blog:

  • Buy a domain name
  • Purchase web hosting
  • Set-up your domain name servers (DNS)

Broadcast your Message with Google Assistant Through Compatible Phones

Google rolling out a Broadcast Feature in Google Assistant

Google wants Assistant to get more involved in your household. The company has been aimed to get Google Assistant to do more so that most of your work gets done with simple voice commands. To that end, Google rolled out a Broadcast feature that quite literally lets you broadcast your voice through an Assistant-enabled phone or smart speaker.

Users were able to broadcast every message

The search giant announced the feature in a blog post, explaining that users will be able to broadcast everyday messages like waking up, calling for dinnertime, and other announcements to notify family or friends with the help of Google Assistant. All one needs to do is say “Ok Google, broadcast” followed by the message, which will then broadcast on Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home. Think of it as your personal smart PA megaphone.

For certain everyday things like waking up, dinnertime or settling down for bed, the Google Assistant also sent a playful message on your behalf. Just say “Ok Google, broadcast it’s dinner time” and a dinner bell will ring on all your Google Homes. And you don’t have to wear out your voice shouting up the stairs.

Just Say “OK Google” and Broadcast

The feature could be used whenever the user wants to pass along a message to notify their friends or family. Say, for example, you’re leaving the office for home and want to notify your spouse. All you need to do is say, “Ok Google, broadcast I’m on my way home!” to your Google Assistant on your phone and the message will be announced via your Google Home or phone at home if they’re signed in using the same Google account.

Broadcast is currently rolling out to Assistant-enabled devices in the English language in the US, Australia, Canada, and UK. Google adds that the feature will roll out to other languages soon. Separately, the company could also be bringing Assistant support to tablets as per the latest beta version of the Google app, which has been expected as it aims to expand Assistant’s reach.

Google with new Update for Assistant

Earlier this month, Google rolled out an update for Assistant that now allows it to identify songs playing around you. All users need to do is launch Assistant and ask “what song is this?” and Assistant will try to identify it. When this feature was launched, The Pixel 2  and Pixel 2 XL  came with a Now Playing feature that continually listens for songs playing in your background and displays it on the lock screen. But with Google Assistant now able to identify songs, all Android users will be able to ask Assistant to identify songs on demand.

Ther Long Distance

Cloud Technology Bringing New Opportunities For Small businesses

The cloud technology has opened more than a few doors in the small-business sector, providing the capability for massive information processing tasks for companies of all sizes. Companies are using the cloud technology potential speaks to the versatility of the technology. The cloud technology is just like electricity a hundred years ago. It makes everything much more efficient and is an exponential enabler for the majority of the technologies of the future.

Cloud Computing Solutions

But just because cloud technology is “the new electricity” doesn’t mean you should adopt it without a specific business strategy. Here are five innovative benefits of cloud technology for your organization.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

Scaling Infrastructure

Scaling cloud-based infrastructure is one of the fastest growing applications of cloud technology in 2018. Cloud-based data infrastructure is efficient, inexpensive, and responsive to demand. By paying only for the server load you need, your costs for data management can scale with use, providing the most economical solution for small businesses. The technology has made paying for massive local server space an obsolete practice.

Cloud-based office systems

In 2018, nearly every business is exploring collaborative work environments. Cloud-based office platforms such as Google’s G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 provide better support for group-based projects than traditional programs by allowing multiple users to work simultaneously; with all changes reflected in real-time across an unlimited number of devices.

Remote workspaces

Cloud-based office systems also drive location-independent office environments. The ability to collaborate over cloud services allows employees the flexibility and support to work remotely or to continue projects while away on conferences and trips. Other cloud-hosted services such as Skype keep lines of communication open between collaborating groups and managers.

Big Data Analytics

In 2018, more small businesses are beginning to utilize big data. Cloud computing gives them the processing power necessary to organize and use large quantities of data. Open-source platforms such as Hadoop and HPCC put these tools in the hands of small businesses and facilitate cloud-based computing to handle the heavy lifting.

Backup and Recovery

Cloud-based data storage helps address security concerns by building redundancy into a company’s information management approach. Hybrid systems that back up local data to the cloud in real time offer protection against security breaches, allowing companies to reduce their reliance on physical infrastructure and manual backups.

So how will your small business benefit from cloud technology? Cloud technology has the potential not just to improve information storage and security. But also the way we work with each other and the accuracy with which we make business decisions.

Why Social Media is an Effective Platform for Your Business?

With the introduction of social media, we have a powerful tool at our fingertips that can share pieces of content all over the world in seconds. With this being said, social media marketing increases your brand’s awareness. Many small business owners struggle with implementing an effective social media marketing strategy that drives sales.

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

According to Social Media Examiner, 97% of small businesses use social media to attract new customers, but 85% of business owners aren’t sure what social media tools to use. Unsettling is the statistic that 63% of consumers who search for businesses online are more likely to become consumers of brands with an established social media presence.

Social media marketing helps to validate your brand and it’s no longer optional. It’s an essential way for companies to reach consumers, and when done correctly, tells those consumers that their brand is active and focused on communication.

Before we get into how to build an effective social media marketing strategy, here is a look at a few of the ways social media marketing can improve your business.


Displaying your business’ personality through social media is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience. Your social media channels just expanded opportunities for your brand’s voice, content, and interactions.

Customer Loyalty

Brands are placing a bigger emphasis on customer experience because of the impact it has on reputation. Brands who engage on social media channels receive higher loyalty from their customers.


Every post, ad, follower, blog post, and email is an opportunity for customers to convert. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, social media can be a very effective tool for gaining new leads and moving people through your sales funnel.


Faceless corporations are a thing of the past. These days, consumers are not only about what they buy but also the type of company they’re buying from. Social Media has a 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing.

Customer Service

The best place for customer care lies on social media. Before brands got involved, it was created solely for communication, and that is still its core foundation. Customer interactions allow for the public opportunity to make complaints right.

Inbound Traffic

Last but not least, the reason that is most likely to lead to ROI: increased inbound traffic. Without social media, your leads are limited to people who are familiar with your brand and people who find you by searching ranked keywords. By increasing your social media content frequency and expanding your social media channel presence, you are adding another path back to your site. And as a result, you’ll receive higher traffic, as well as more conversions.

Why You Need an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing strategy outlines your business’ goals and sets measurable objectives for the desired outcomes. Now we understand the benefits of using Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Generate more revenue

The most obvious opportunity is to generate revenue. This can be done by building a community or advertising your products or services within the social media platform. If you choose to advertise on social media, the ads can either link back to your business’ social media page or sometimes to your website. This can mean that you’re able to benefit from social media without needing to have a channel.

Increases Awareness and Branding

Using social media allows your customers to connect and interact with your business on a more personal level. If you already have an established brand, social media might be an opportunity to further develop your brand and give your business a voice.

Increases Exposure to generate traffic, leads, and sales

Social media can be a good way of attracting new customers. For example, when considering social media campaigns, you could try to attract followers with promotions or giveaways. Once you have a good following you can focus on more personalized social media campaigns to encourage them to stay.


Networking can be a valuable way to exchange ideas with like-minded people to improve the way you do business. Using online networking sites can also be valuable to your business, often for the purpose of knowledge sharing and word-of-mouth referrals.

Search-engine discoverability

Your website’s ranking in the search results of various search engines can sometimes be affected by the size and influence of your social network. As your social following grows, your visibility in search engines may also increase. This is a common Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.

Introduction To SMTP and POP3: How it all Works

SMTP is part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. Using a process called “store and forward,”. It moves your email on and across networks. the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to send your communication to the right come So it works closely with something referred to as puter and email inbox.

The client who wants to send the mail opens a TCP connection to the SMTP server and then sends the mail across the relationship.  The SMTP server is constantly in listening mode. As soon because it listens for a TCP connection from any client, the SMTP procedure initiates a connection on that port (25). After successfully establishing the TCP connection the client process sends the mail instantly.

SMTP at work

It provides a set of codes that simplify the communication of email messages between email servers. It is a kind of shorthand that allows a server to break up different parts of a message into categories the other server can understand. When you send a message out, it was strings of text which can be separated through the code words (or numbers) that identify the purpose of each section.

SMTP provides those codes, and email server software designed to understand what they mean. As each message travels towards its destination, it sometimes passes through a number of computer systems as well as their single  MTAs. As it does, it’s briefly stored before it moves on to the next computer in the path.

Outgoing Email Server – SMTP

It stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It handles the sending of emails.

The ability to support email services includes two critical functions: SMTP and POP3. Together, they allow the user to send outgoing mail and retrieve incoming mail, respectively.

The SMTP server performs two basic functions:

  1. It verifies that anyone attempting to send outgoing email through the SMTP server.
  2. It sends the outgoing mail and if undeliverable, sends the message back to the sender.

POP3 Email Accounts

POP3 is the oldest internet message access protocol. It was designed to assist offline/local email processing. Email delivered to a mail server and a faraway email client periodically downloads the email from the server to the customer’s computer.

Once the messages delivered, they deleted from the mail server, although customers can configure their email client to leave a copy of the email on the mail server.

POP3 email accounts require an email client to send and receive emails. Common email customers include Netscape Messenger, Outlook specific, and more.

when you check your email using an email client, it makes a connection in your mail server and downloads your emails on your computer. Observe that POP3 handles mail access (or mail retrieval) only. Email sending is handling by SMTP.

Advantages of POP3

  • All emails downloaded to your computer. So you can read your emails without being logged onto the Internet.
  • Opening attachments are easy and quick as the file already downloaded on to your computer.

Disadvantages of POP3

  • All messages downloaded on to the accessing email client/computer.
  • Hence which means that the user will want to go again to the same computer to access the emails.

Lack of Robust IT Security System: Key Reason Behind Rising Cyber-Attacks

Lack of Robust IT Security System

According to a Survey, lack of robust IT security system in organizations is the key reason behind increasing cyber attacks. This is because 65 percent of the participant organizations do not even have a department to manage network security. According to the survey, only 18 percent of organizations have dedicated IT Staff where more than 25 persons employed. While 21 percent of companies do not have dedicated employees.

Network security issues

Moreover, 18 percent of organizations have IT strength of just 1 to 3 employees. The survey said, adding that 65 percent of the participant organizations .do not even have a department to manage network security.

This is despite the fact that 62 percent participant organizations witnessed IT breach in the form of virus attack (7 percent), malware (10 percent), phishing (19 percent), ransomware (26 percent), while 32 percent said they did not suffer any breach in the past 12 months.

According to US-based Software Company’s Internet Security Threat Report, India the second worst cybercrime affected country in the world after the US. Indian corporates are not very regular in assessing their cybersecurity which leads to regular loss due to cyber attacks.

IT security audit

Just 44 percent of participant companies confirmed that they conducted IT security audit in last 6 months in their organizations. While 56 percent stated that IT security audit was undertaken in their organization.

Netrika Consulting MD Sanjay Kaushik says- “Arisk-based approach is to form your data security strategy by prioritizing measures based on how much they will affect,”.

There are two types of companies. One who have experienced cyber attacks and others who are going to experience in the future. It’s not a question of if, but only a matter of when”.

The survey covered 1,800 respondents from a range of industries – from manufacturing, BFSI, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, NBFC, and IT/ITES.

vmayo launching IoT based cyber security Platform

No longer you need to be a network expert in order to manage your own network.  Vmayo Sirzo device gives you full control of your network, from blocking web pages to cutting off access to devices and even blocking ads. You will always be in control.

Simple and Powerful

Plug Vmayo Sirzo device into your router and launch our mobile app.  Vmayo Sirzo device can prevent cyber attacks, block ads, control kids’ internet usage, and even protects you when you are out on the road with built-in VPN Server.

  • Block any device for a period of time
  • Block any transfer between two networks
  • Block website Ads (Ad Block)
  • Block site visits based on category type, such as:
    • Porn
    • Social Networking
    • Gaming
  • Block Malicious Sites (Family Mode)
  • Block excessively opened ports by certain App

Parenting With Ease

Vmayo Sirzo lets you see what your kids are doing on his/her tablet. You’ll know whether they’re playing games, doing their homework, or going somewhere they shouldn’t. You won’t have to pull the power cord on that dusty router to limit access.

5 features needed to build a great iPhone app

Now, if you’re working in the IT industry for a long time, then you must have an idea about how iOS App Development Services is ruling the roost as far as the mobile sector around the world is concerned. The reason behind that is, it is believed by many industry experts across the globe that, iOS app development is the future of mobile application development industry. Therefore, as a developer, it is vital for you all to be aware of all the latest innovations and techniques that are taking place right now in the iOS, as it will make you stand out from the rest.

mobile application

Today, here I will discuss 5 features that you need to incorporate into your iPhone application to make it attractive:

An application that is User-friendly

If you’re a developer who is working in an ios App Development organization, then this tip is like a gold dust for you, without a pinch of a doubt. User-Friendliness is the key components of a successful iPhone app and therefore, as a developer, you need to make sure that, your application is the most user-friendly in the business. Sometimes what happens is that, in order to make the application stand out from the rest, the developers add a variety of features in it. It makes the app very difficult to understand for a common user. So, always make a user-friendly application.

Adjustable according to various screen size

As you all know that, nowadays the iPhone is coming with a big screen and therefore, the user is expecting an application that adjusts to the bigger screen size. Earlier, iPhone screen size was very small and therefore, the developers were developing the application which adjusts to that screen size, which was comparatively easy. But, we have seen that Apple is now moving towards the bigger screens and that’s why, as a developer, you need to develop such an application which can adjust to big screen size with the utmost ease, without a doubt.

Great User Experience

In the earlier section, we have mentioned the User-Friendliness, which means the application should be easy to use and understand, even for a layman. Now, we are talking about User-Experience (UX), which means the look and feel of your application. User-Experience is the first thing that any user will see in your iPhone application. If your User-Experience is bad, the user will immediately uninstall the application from his/her mobile, although you had the most modern feature in your app. Therefore, always give importance to User-Experience (UX).

Easy task completion

If you’re a developer who is working in an iPhone Application Development firm, then you would be knowing that nowadays simple is the winner as far as iPhone apps are concerned. Over the last few years, there are many mobile application(s) that has been developed which has uncountable features, but still, they were not successful. The reason behind there rejection was that the application requires a lot of effort to complete any task. Therefore, you should always develop an app which has easy task completion, without a doubt.

Security assurance

If you’re a developer who is working in an iOS App Development Company for a while now, then you must be knowing that today security is the biggest concern for any mobile application developer. In fact, user nowadays will check the level of security before downloading your application. So, as a developer, if you want your iPhone app to be eye-catching, then you have to make sure that, it is secure and there are no issues related to privacy. Only after incorporating this feature successfully in your application, you will be successful in the market.


Rccess Technologies announced that it is set to acquired 10 Year Old Company Vmayo


Rccess Technologies announced that it is set to acquired 10 Year Old Company Vmayo including vmayo cloud hosting brand nexhost.com , an Outsourcing Service provider aimed at the sharing.

Rccess said the acquisition will enhance Rccess’s Client capabilities and allow it to provide Outsourcing Service to SME’s and marketplaces globally.

Vmayo, which was founded in 2009 by Mandara  Hari, is headquartered in Hyderabad with offices in Hyderabad. The company deal in outsourcing Services since 2009 with major customer base  in Australia .

The deal between Rccess  and Vmayo is already closed with Non Disclosed agreement of Sharing .

Rccess shall be rebrand their identity as old company in form of acquiring to build more trust.

Together, Rccess  and Vmayo will offer our clients a comprehensive, integrated end-to-end solution to address the estimated 6000+ Customers in more than 80

Rccess CEO Said , Vmayo  Owner Mandara  Hari with work as CTO in New Merger .

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