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Best Virtual Receptionist Service in USA

Best Virtual Receptionist Services in the USA

Instead of working in your office answering phones, taking messages and booking appointments. A virtual receptionist works remotely in a call center, home office, or similar space. There are many services to choose from. Service hours and availability, additional features and support, as well as pricing varies across competitors. Once you choose a service provider, they typically generate a phone number for you. After that phone number has been generated, the service provider will then request that you forward your current calls to the new number. This way, existing customers that have your old number, or call your cell phone, will be routed to your new receptionist service.

Vmayo Technologies: Best Virtual Receptionist Services

The customer service department is typically the first line of contact a customer has with a business. Unfortunately, small businesses aren’t usually able to afford full-time receptionists and customer service reps. This is where a virtual receptionist comes into play. A virtual and secure phone system for business can be a cost-effective way for small businesses and startups to get access to better customer service without breaking the bank.

Vmayo Technologies provides the best Virtual Receptionist Services in the USA. It provides the best solution for Startup Businesses who don’t have a big budget. It answers every call live and never let your callers go automatically to voicemail. You can forward your existing phone number to us or take advantage of your free assigned local phone number you’ll get at signup. You can use both numbers in your business contact details if you’d like.

Features of Vmayo Virtual Receptionist

Welcome Greetings

Use customized welcome message with a human touch for your clients. It will give a great experience to your customers.

Never Miss Any Lead

You will get real-time notification of all the calls which missed, through Emails. We make sure you never miss any call.

Multiple Extensions

We provide multiple extensions on a single IVR number based on department wise staff to attend calls. IVR improves your business & customer satisfaction.

Call Recording

Track your all calls for monitor and quality purpose. it may help you to increase efficiency to your business.

Vmayo Advanced call screening

You can say goodbye to intrusive calls from salespeople and telemarketers! Your virtual receptionist is adept in the art of call screening in a professional and friendly way with Vmayo. Your virtual receptionist will first take down information from the caller and then give you the details of the call and ask if you’d like them to transfer the call to you.

Vmayo is the best-in-class Cloud Telephony Solution. So with Vmayo live virtual receptionist handling, you can connect with Vmayo Service for 24×7. And you are not missing any business opportunity So that all your customers are taken care of.


Boosting Growth with Virtual Receptionist Service

Boost growth with Virtual Receptionist

Boosting growth in a small business usually requires a significant investment. But in order to truly grow your business in a scalable manner, you must find ways to increase your output or efficiency without in turn increasing your costs and overhead. In fact, that’s the main difference between growth and scaling – the amount of investment required to create growth.

Best Virtual Receptionist Service in India

Boosting growth with a virtual receptionist has become a popular and efficient option (IVR Service India) for business owners because virtual receptionist services are much more cost-effective (IVR Service India) than traditional receptionist salaries and have a major hand in promoting business growth.

Below, there are advantages of having a Virtual Receptionist

Improve your Service

A quality virtual receptionist provider will help you improve your intake process. A virtual receptionist can handle your intake by getting the client’s information (IVR Service India) as you request and adding them to a spreadsheet or tracker for your convenience. This is a more organized approach that can save you time and prevent you from missing out on lucrative prospects!

Collect more leads

You’ll collect more leads in general when you rely on a virtual receptionist to answer the phone. Ensuring that no calls go to voicemail means more leads are able to reach you in a timely manner – and that means more clients for you. Collect more leads by allowing a virtual receptionist to answer the calls (IVR Service India) you can’t get to and taking down pertinent information.

Build customer loyalty

Having a reliable virtual receptionist answering your phone will also help build customer loyalty. When a customer knows a friendly, live person always answers the phone when they call your company. It improves your reputation with customers and makes them more likely to seek you out again in the future. Our receptionists (IVR Service India) often build connections with clients and callers they regularly speak to. And this goes a long way in creating those valuable loyal customer relationships!

Streamline your calendar

A virtual receptionist can help you streamline your calendar, another method of boosting growth. If your appointments and meetings are scheduled poorly, you’ve likely already begun to experience the negative effects. Having an organized planner or calendar will help you find extra time throughout the day that can be used productively. It will also ensure you don’t miss appointments or schedule meetings on a wrong day.


Best Tips Before Hiring Virtual Receptionist

Hiring a virtual Receptionist is not a big deal but before hiring you should aware of some points. Virtual Receptionist replaces traditional receptionist. If you’re running a business, there are times when you can’t answer incoming calls because you’re busy. They can help you with many basic tasks and provide plenty of benefits.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Before hiring, it’s important to know what a virtual receptionist is and why important to you.  They are growing more and more popular because they are trained to handle higher call volume, answer the phones 24*7 and they cost less than hiring an in-house employee to do the same job in person.

Virtual receptionists are contract workers and they perform many of the same tasks as traditional receptionists handle. They don’t have to come to your place of business to answer the phones.

Virtual receptionists:

Take messages

Handle phone calls

Make follow up phone calls

Manage your schedule

Virtual Receptionist

How Does a Virtual Reception Service Work?

Since the virtual receptionist works from a remote location, they use individual software that is available on your computer and phone system. So this allows all the incoming phone calls to be routed to the virtual receptionist. They can take messages and deliver them to the right person in your company from there.

It is essentially live phone answering at the highest level. Highly trained customer service experts take incoming calls to your business and cheerfully answer them with your personalized business greeting 24/7. They provide callers with specific information related to your business description of services, directions to your office and can take messages and they deliver to the right person in your company.

Some application of Virtual Receptionist

  • The lawyer can use the VR service when they are in court and out of the office.
  • Bankers can use the VR when they are with a client and they can schedule a meeting and provide reminder calls for you.
  • Small Businesses – Any small business can use a virtual receptionist to help with busy seasons.

If you’re looking for a way to provide better customer service and grow your business, consider a virtual receptionist from Conversational Receptionists.

Cloud Telephony Solution for Every Business : Why and Where?

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud-Telephony is the technology that moves your business telephone device to the cloud. it is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system. The scenario for cloud-telephony India is changing fast, which includes more engagements for your business.

The usage of Cloud-telephony to your business allows you to make and receive multiple calls & SMSes simultaneously, without having to invest in any extra infrastructure. Services like IVR, Call Recording, Bulk SMS, event-based calling, etc. are only a few of the many features cloud-telephony has to provide.


Cloud-telephony is a service in which all telephone facilities are transferred to the clouds. This means that the company can now perform all the telephony function with data storage and internet facilities

Why A Business Need Cloud Telephony?

Maintaining records with cloud telephony

The cloud-telephony service helps the business to maintain records. With cloud telephony service the company can automatically be recorded all the data. This means the agents do not have to record data separately. The cloud telephony service records the caller name, number, phone number and the location in a database. This saves the agents time and efforts. This allows the company to have a secure database.

Available anytime

Cloud-telephony service allows the company agents to be available to the clients on 24X7 bases. This means the client can contact the company whenever they have a quarry.

Easy Analytics with Cloud Telephony Service

It helps in integrating any CRM. This helps the business to strategically plan their ideas by looking at the analysis. This is possible as the cloud telephony service give the companies a dashboard which can customize call, record leads and know the trends.

Enhance customer experience

It removes barriers like time, location, cost and language which act as a barrier to communication. By doing so it makes communication with customers easy, cost-effective and quick. As a result, it enhances customer experience and satisfaction.

Different areas where Cloud Telephony works

Many industries and businesses can use cloud telephony. Some of them are:-

  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Food and Beverages
  • Customer care services
  • Advertising
  • Hospitality
  • NGOs
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Event management
  • Marketing

No matter which industry, business or startup it is cloud-telephony service can help them grow. With cloud-telephony service, they can benefit from service like IVR, call center solutions, virtual number, toll-free number, missed call, outbound calling, click-to-call and super recipients. All these come under the big umbrella of cloud telephony service and help a company to reach heights.

Virtual Receptionist for every business : Digital marketing Solutions

Are you familiar with virtual receptionists? If you own a commercial enterprise, you’ll need to understand what they are and how they function. At the same time as some people assume a virtual receptionist is a bit of automated technology that answers telephone calls, this is not a true virtual receptionist.

So what is virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is a person, professionally educated in phone etiquette and customer support skills, who answers your smartphone for you. They answer calls in your enterprise’s name, give out information, transfer callers, determine emergencies in accordance with your protocols, and take messages in step with your instructions.

virtual receptionist

They feature as an actual, living telephone receptionist. The virtual element means they aren’t actually in your office. Though your callers will perceive it, the virtual receptionists aren’t actually there. Their presence is virtual, but the professional phone services they offer are very real

A virtual Receptionist is the best solution for different business

One person businesses

In a sole proprietorship, you’re the most effective employee. It’s up to you to get leads. This often takes you away from the workplace or makes you not able to reply the ringing cell phone. Your virtual receptionist can handle these calls for you. Plus you have the added advantage that your virtual receptionist makes your company seem twice as big.

Small Businesses

Small businesses typically can’t afford to hire a full-time receptionist, but someone needs to answer the phone. This appears easy enough to do, however, what occurs when every person is focused on a moneymaking Project or out of the workplace running with clients, Your virtual reception stands equipped to reply those calls when you are not available.

Medium Sized Businesses

A medium-sized business often has a receptionist on their payroll, but what happens when your receptionist is on the spoil, out to lunch, on vacation, or sick? What happens while calls come in so fast that your receptionist can’t maintain up? well, you could hire a second person, however, that is seldom a practical answer. The cost-effective method is to tap the on-demand services of a virtual receptionist to deal with these infrequent, yet critical, situations.

Large Businesses

While large businesses usually have a central switchboard to handle incoming phone calls, there are often department-level receptionists scattered around the company, too. In each of these situations, the department receptionist faces the same scenario as the main receptionist at a medium-sized business.

A virtual receptionist works for a fraction of the value as a person for your payroll. And once you factor in benefits, vacations, and breaks, your virtual receptionist will become a good greater value solution.

Virtual Receptionist Advantages for Small Business

Virtual Receptionist Advantages

Many small organizations normally shouldn’t have the in-apartment resources available to take excessive volumes of calls. Alas this will result in disappointed buyers, loss of industry and a alternatively annoying work-existence. If you have observed yourself on this hindrance, then why no longer keep in mind outsourcing your administrative workload to a virtual receptionist?
In this blog we will be able to explain five of the ways a virtual receptionist will improvement your corporation.

1. Increased Professionalism:

Virtual Receptionist Advantages

In the event you work from house, you can also in finding that it’s tough to separate your work lifestyles from your personal existence. By way of hiring a virtual receptionist to take your calls you are going to now not have got to fear about being disturbed by using consumers after hours or at the weekend whilst you need some personal time. Not best that however it’s going to additionally make what you are promoting seem higher established and extra respectable. This is very useful for companies which have lately launched and are looking to make their mark on the industry.

2. Cost Effective:

Outsourcing your admin duties to a virtual receptionist will do away with the cost of employing a full time employee. For small industry owners in unique, this will figure out enormously rate amazing as they’ll usually pay a collection rate for the virtual receptionist package, alternatively than an hourly price. Outsourcing your workload can even avert you from desiring to pay holiday or unwell pay, like you would in the event you employed a full time employee.

Virtual Receptionist AdvantagesThere is also no have got to worry about administrative center house or purchasing apparatus, as the virtual receptionist will work from a separate vicinity, making use of their own gear.

3. Increased Efficiency:

As a small industry proprietor you will know simply how time drinking mundane forms tasks and other admin hobbies may also be. Outsourcing these tasks to a virtual receptionist will permit you to center of attention on more major elements of your business, similar to revenue, admin or tips on how to reinforce efficiency. You will have more time to focus on what you to best, even as your virtual receptionist answers emails, handles your invoices and schedules your conferences. Whilst benefiting from higher time administration, you’re going to also have the peace of mind knowing your virtual receptionist will certainly not omit an fundamental call.

4. Quality Customer Service:

Virtual Receptionist Advantages

The virtual receptionist you’re employed with may have been informed in consumer provider and have the essential capabilities and experience to ensure they can fulfil the position to a excessive common. Each and every phone call they take for your small business will probably be treated in a reputable manner, guaranteeing your consumers are at all times utterly convinced with the provider they are receiving. Whilst providing fine customer service for your online business, a digital receptionist may also be equipped to take calls past normal office hours.

5. Support:

Although walking your possess industry is incredibly enjoyable, at times it may also be very worrying. A digital receptionist will provide support you can rely on. They’re going to make sure that your small business is organised at all times, by using preserving forms up-to-the-minute and passing on cell and e-mail messages as they acquire them. The inspiration of no longer having to manipulate everything for your own may also be really comforting.

Virtual Receptionist Advantages

Whether you might have just lately set up your small business and need to make it appear more reliable, or are without problems struggling to manage high volumes of calls by using your self, outsourcing your work to a digital receptionist is the answer you’ve been looking for. Not handiest will hiring a virtual receptionist support your client service, but it will additionally expand your enterprise’s effectivity. You are going to be equipped to place your competencies to better use, swapping boring paper work tasks for planning and constructing new business strategies.

Many businesses are deciding upon to outsource their administration work to virtual receptionists,instead than hiring in-condo receptionist to work full time. Virtual receptionists are contractors who work from dwelling or at a separate digital place of job place. They provide a number of services together with phone answering, mail forwarding and different normal administration duties. Listed here we can examine in-residence and digital receptionists, weighing up the pros and cons of each and every to aid you come to a decision which often is the most important to your enterprise.Hiring a virtual receptionist works out way more price potent for small, home-run businesses.


Training staff is just not most effective luxurious, but time ingesting and can quite often consider like a waste of company assets if the individual you hire does no longer keep at your enterprise for extraordinarily long. Virtual receptionists are already fully expert with the talents and competencies to hold out the job efficaciously and with no trouble. Not best will you now not need to fork out for coaching programmes but you will have on the spot access to purchaser service skills which you maybe do not possess yourself.


Many virtual receptionists furnish expanded hours of canopy, such as out of office hours, weekends and twenty 4 seven offerings. That is anything that can be very precious to your online business in phrases of purchaser provider. Your customers can be a lot happier understanding that they may be able to contact your small business at their comfort.

Your virtual receptionist will take messages for you, so you will by no means omit an most important telephone name once more. If you run your enterprise from house you’ll understand simply how complicated it’s to separate your enterprise from your personal life, but outsourcing work to a virtual receptionist will make this a entire lot easier. In-condominium receptionists aren’t able to provide this accelerated duvet, except you might be inclined to rent a whole admin team, in order to turn out to be being very highly-priced.


If you consider about it, hiring a full time in-house receptionist is sincerely particularly pricey. No longer most effective will you ought to pay them a wage or cash, however you are going to additionally need to aspect in unwell pay, excursion entitlement and different employee advantages, that a digital receptionist would no longer require. Hiring an in-house receptionist would also mean buying training and purchasing specialist office apparatus. This is simply unaffordable to many small firms and may truely be a waste of cash and resources. Instead they may be able to pay a monthly rate for the services of a virtual receptionist which works out rather more price powerful.


If you run what you are promoting from home, then there fairly is not any need to rent an in-house receptionist, as a virtual receptionist can meet your entire industry’s needs and specifications. Nevertheless in the event you lease an place of job space, the most important advantage of hiring an inhouse receptionist is their bodily presence. They’re going to be there to fulfill and greet your customers, as good as tackle filing and different tasks which must be carried out on web site.
Having said this, the services of virtual receptionists are usually designated at folks who run their firms from dwelling, because it allows for them to advantage from having a receptionist to control their admin work, without having to take on the fees of hiring someone full time.
The important improvement of in-condo receptionists is their bodily presence onsite, however this is anything that many small firms do not require.


After weighing up the pros and cons of in condominium and virtual receptionists, it’s clear that for house-run and small corporations, outsourcing work to a virtual receptionist would work out way more invaluable. Not only is it more price amazing, but it also offers you on the spot entry to expert workers, while not having to go by way of a lengthy recruitment process. Virtual receptionists provide all the advantages of an in-condominium receptionist at just a fraction of the price.

For more related information you can check Mailcot and Rccess.

10 Best Signs should be in a Virtual Receptionist:-

  1. You’re in a meeting – who solutions the telephone.
  2. You still ought to work full-time at the same time establishing your new industry.
  3. You don’t want messages going to the home answer mobile.
  4. You don’t need to overlook that call.
  5. You’re employed from house and handiest have one telephone line – You’re on the phone and don’t want an extra caller to get an engaged tone.
  6. You want section time duvet.
  7. The workplace help is your canine, cute and loving – but a rubbish receptionist.
  8. You need accurate message taking.
  9. The normal annual salary for a receptionist is £17,000 – out-of-attain for many SMEs.
  10. You need to keep a respectable picture.

For more related information you can check Mailcot and Rccess.

For any business that simply values efficiency, it’s no-brainer to have an IVR virtual receptionist. that is why an increasing number of organizations are relying on this type of computerized phone attendant system for greeting callers, asking and answering questions, and routing people to the proper branch or agent. but, virtual receptionists aren’t all the equal. just ask any client who has found themselves stuck on maintain for long stretches at a time. the subsequent are some useful suggestions to help you take your virtual receptionist to the next stage to offer your clients with a excellent first impact and leave them with a positive experience.

1.First Record A Real Person’s Voice And Then Re-Record It

One factor about IVRs that annoys many callers is they feel as if they are talking with a robot. one of the most common criticisms made about virtual receptionists is that humans want to have the ability to talk to a real person. Having a live agent for answering the phone isn’t possible. So until a caller is able to talk with a real human, make sure that the experience that they’ve is as close to being human as possible. Use your personal voice to record all your menu options. Then listen for your menu and make certain to re-record any of the elements that are difficult to understand, awkward or seem forced. do not rush through this part. it is the very first thing that a caller hears while reaching your business, so that you want to make certain which you leave a very good first impression.

2.Pay Close Attention To How You Word Your Menu Options

Just like all conversations between an agent and a client, the responses you set up to use for your virtual receptions should usually be expert and courteous. To take an obvious instance: in case you are selecting a response for while your IVR desires the caller to repeat what he just said, don’t have it say “What?” that may sound impolite. rather use something like, “i’m sorry, I did not hear what you stated. are you able to repeat that please?” even when a device is doing all the speaking, manners are still very vital.

3.Keep Things Simple

Callers want the same thing which you do, that is to be routed to the proper individual as soon as possible. when there are too many menu options, your clients may sense like they may be wandering via a maze that never ends. ensure that your menu options are kept easy, and have as few steps as possible from start to complete.

4.Fix Loops

Many of latest IVR systems offer touchtone versus speech recognition alternatives. simply ensure with speech recognition that your IVR would not pick out up background noise and think it’s far the caller’s voice. which could result in looping and frustrate the caller.

5.Pay Close Attention To Benchmarks

According to a current study, the common hold time throughout organizations of all distinct sizes is 56 seconds. while you are attempting to gauge how well you’re serving your clients and how speedy you’re at attending to their desires then benchmarks do matter. So determine how properly you stack up against benchmarks. It permit you to figure out what you need to do to improve your phone device.

6.Remember To Say Thank You

Clients can get testy while they are on hold, so it’s as much as you to ensure that they know that their patience and business is liked. just certainly announcing thank you may go a long way.