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Shared Hosting Service Provider

Shared Hosting


Shared Hosting provides various websites to utilize a single server. Normally, you’ll have no idea who or what websites you’re sharing the resources of a server with. Each client will normally have a limit on the total number of server resources they can use, but this will be explained your hosting package.



Shared Hosting is simply the cheapest and most cost-effective option for your requirements. However, the cheap price appears with limitations which we’ll get to below. Since most hosting firms will give the same amount of space and storage it’s essential to select a company you can trust.


Advantages of Shared Hosting


  1. This is the most essential benefit of this type of web hosting. The server cost is also sharing with several users. You can compare the cost of several shared hosting providers and decide one that satisfies your business.
  2. Your website will host a high power high-speed server.
  3. A control panel always for you to manage your website.
  4. Server-based plans, configurations and maintenance are handled by the hosting team. Thus you require only the basic information to up your website.
  5. You don’t need to bother about server hardening and protection. Thus the service provider will ever deal with those kinds of operations. Some provider regularly keeps your account backup too. So you are safe.


Disadvantages of Shared Hosting


  1. You have the only limited authority to the server. You can access your individual space with your login credentials.
  2. It’s the main disadvantage of this type of web hosting. As I said, the resources are common to all users. Thus if any of the users in a shared server is consuming high traffic this will affect all users in that server.


How Does Shared Hosting Works?



Shared Hosting is where a single server hosts various sites. The numbers can vary from several hundred to many thousands depending on the available hard drive space, RAM, and processing speed. This hosting is on a computer that’s identical to a dedicated server, but its resources are used by a very greater number of customers. Each website user record’s files and any applications are stored in separate barriers on the server, and the individual has its file directory tree. Users don’t have access to both the root or to each other’s files. Thus all reports on the shared server share computing resources of the webserver.


Shared Hosting Service Providers


Here I am sharing the top 5 companies name who provides the best Shared Hostings Services:

  1.  NexaHost
  2. HostGator
  3. A2Hosting
  4. DreamHost
  5. BlueHost


1. NexaHost


Nexahost is leading the best Shared Hosting and Web Hosting Service providers it also offers a Domain, Hosting, Cloud Computing, Email and security etc. Therefore it is one of the Top Website Hosting Service provider. Its offers fast and unlimited UK Based Hosting. Thus it’s fulfilling your all IT infrastructure requirements along with world-class Data centres facilities in different Locations like USA, India etc.

2. BlueHost


Shared Hosting


It’s a Good Shared Hosting and Web Hosting Service, provider. Bluehost is the only Shared hosting provider that gives you a free domain, permanently Found in 2003. Its also offers a Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting etc. Therefore it has continually innovated new ways to deliver on her mission: to the power of people to fully harness to the web.


3. InMotion


Shared Hosting


InMotion is the best brand when it comes to Shared Hosting. It gives incredible features, generous uptime, and helpful support, all at a reasonable price. InMotion also came top of our analysis for shared hosting, making it the ideal provider to start with or update to.


4. A2Hosting


Shared Hosting


A2 Hosting helps up it’s Hosting plans with a friendly smile and invaluable guidance. Thus it’s complete for hosting newbies, with an intuitive advice and support service and a generous anytime money-back guarantee.


5. DreamHost


Shared Hosting


DreamHost also gives unlimited bandwidth overall its plans. Its extra features are pretty fine too, although it’s not the best if you require a helping hand once in a while. Unlike its opponents, Dreamhost fails to offer phone support and live chat.

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Top 10 VPS Hosting Providers



A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. The virtual dedicated server (VDS) also has a related meaning.


VPS Hosting


A VPS works its copy of an operating system (OS), and clients may have super user-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that works on that operating system (OS). For many purposes, they are functionally similar to a dedicated physical server, and being software-defined, are capable to be much more quickly built and configured. They are valued much lower than a similar physical server.


VPS Hosting


VPS Hosting is a Virtual Private Server and is a virtualized server. A VPS Hosting environment imitates a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.


VPS Hosting


It is a type of web hosting that uses Virtual Private Server. The features of VPS hosting are sitting between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. It comes with a particular amount of disk space, memory, processing power and bandwidth. Besides, your account is prepared to obtain a dedicated part of resources.

It is divided into two parts:

    1. Managed VPS Hosting

    2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting


1. Managed VPS Hosting


A Managed VPS solution means your host is responsible to take care of your server and this responsibility includes upgrades, installation, protection, patches, performance and troubleshooting of your server. This is a comfortable and easy solution but is more costly to any unmanaged VPS. However, for a non-technical person, managed VPS is the right choice to stay free of problems.


2. Unmanaged VPS Hosting


Unmanaged VPS  is an affordable solution. There are numbers of features and it is cheaper to typical managed VPS. You require to take proper care of your server. The host gives the first installation and sets up a virtual machine. The responsibility is yours to implement firewalls, tune your server and install applications for high performance. A non-technical person has no idea and this could be a painful process.


VPS Hosting Providers


Here I am sharing the Top 10 companies name who provides the best VPS Hosting Services:


  1. NexaHost
  2. BlueHost
  3. InMotion
  4. Hostinger
  5. HostGator
  6. A2 Hosting
  7. DreamHost
  8. GoDaddy
  9. HostPapa
  10. iPage


1. NexaHost


VPS Hosting


Nexahost is leading the best VPS Hosting and Web Hosting Service providers it also offers a Domain, Hosting, Cloud Computing, Email and security etc. Therefore it is one of the Top Website Hosting Service provider. Its offers fast and unlimited UK Based Hosting. Thus it’s fulfilling your all IT infrastructure requirements along with world-class Data centres facilities in different Locations like USA, India etc.


2. BlueHost


VPS Hosting


It is a Good VPS Hosting and Web Hosting Service, provider. Bluehost is the only VPS hosting provider that gives you a free domain, permanently Found in 2003. Its also offers a Dedicated Hosting, Shared Hosting etc. Therefore it has continually innovated new ways to deliver on her mission: to the power of people to fully harness to the web.


3. InMotion



InMotion is the best brand when it comes to VPS Hosting. It gives incredible features, generous uptime, and helpful support, all at a reasonable price. InMotion also came top of our analysis for shared hosting, making it the ideal provider to start with or update to.


4. Hostinger



Hostinger is also leading the best VPS Hosting and Web Hosting Service, provider. Its Found in 2004. If you are looking for budget Hosting, then Hostinger is best for you. Its offers a Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting, VPN Hosting, Domain Checker, Domain Transfer etc.


 5. HostGator



HostGator is the master of hosting. It came out with the best overall hosting score from our study. It’s not quite as powerful when looking at VPS Hosting in privacy, but it’s no failure. With good features and the best uptime of any provider, you could do a much worse. 


6. A2 Hosting



A2 Hosting helps up it’s VPS Hosting plans with a friendly smile and invaluable guidance. It’s complete for hosting newbies, with an intuitive advice and support service and a generous anytime money-back guarantee.


7. DreamHost



DreamHost also gives unlimited bandwidth overall its plans. Its extra features are pretty fine too, although it’s not the best if you require a helping hand once in a while. Unlike its opponents, Dreamhost fails to offer phone support and live chat.


8. GoDaddy



GoDaddy offers its everything web-related. On top of being the world’s greatest domain registrar, it also has an outstanding website developer and high-quality hosting packages. If you’re in demand of a one-stop-shop, GoDaddy can support.


9. HostPapa



HostPapa doesn’t come cheap, but the no different provider can rival its capacity. HostPapa’s top-tiered pricing plan offers unlimited RAM (Random Access Memory) and storage space to manage also the biggest websites. HostPapa aims to give every client a fully-featured hosting package, backed by top client service and powered by renewable green energy.


10. iPage



iPage has pretty good client service, offering 24/7 live chat and telephone support, and in-depth information centre and support tickets. Its features are also pretty good, with an SSL certificate included and free site backups.


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VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting

WOW cloud vs vps.

VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting, sometimes also understood as “Private Cloud”, is based on servers which are arrange using virtualization mechanism

Cloud Vs. VPS hosting

VPS hosting manages a physical server that’s been partitioned practically into many individual virtual servers. Yet though you’re still distributing that server with a number of other users, there’s no immediate competition. You can also configure your operating system and software despite you want.

Cloud Vs.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

»VPS hosting allows for total and complete freedom. Free to manage your server as you want, you have access to everything and you can install all the software you need.

»Hosting in VPS is very efficient. Unlike shared hosting, the VPS is not reliant on traffic or audience. You have your private resources and you are separated from other servers

»Hosting in VPS is secure. All your records are private and unavailable to other clients despite their rights on the server.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the head-of-the-line website (or application) hosting solution accessible presently. The technology has already reached a large level of acceptance in a short-term period of time.

best web hosting by nexahost

Websites hosted on the cloud are convenient anytime, anywhere. This proposes that hosting resources for each website are duplicate on every cloud server in the cluster. For example, if one cloud server has the highest traffic already, then it self-regulating routes the doubt for the specific site to the empty cloud server in the cluster.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting

»Cloud hosting is reasonably secure because your website is hosted on a virtual distribution that brings the benefit of various physical networks. When one of the servers fails offline, it will slightly degrade the resource level to the cloud but will not unite to your website. No inaccessibility or anything else.

»Cloud hosting is secured by several physical servers that are protected from third-parties who want to access their assumptions or disrupt their services

»Cloud hosting is ductility, flexible, and scalable. It does not have the same limitations as a single server. Resources are available to confer to your requests and in real-time.

»Cloud hosting is cheap because you simply pay for what you employ.


Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting


VPS hosting vs Cloud hosting is usually less efficient since it designates a specified amount of computing resources to each client. Hence, if the demand increases, the system would not be able to manage the additional inflow. It will simply break. The same would be the case if the server failures.

Cloud hosting, on the other hand, begins the increase adversely. Under the cloud environment, the website is hosted on a supply of centralized computing resources. This commonly means that if one server is leading its optimum level, then a second server is available to function. Furthermore, if a server fails, the website will still be appearing as other servers will remain to serve the incoming traffic.



Cloud Vs VPS Hosting

VPS- It was the best-operating option you could get externally paying the premium for a dedicated server. With VPS, you secure server resources that you won’t have to share with other websites, and your page loading speeds will be faster than with shared hosting.

Cloud- It brings on many servers worldwide to deliver elegant performance levels. Even during periods of high demand – such as Black Friday sales, for example – cloud hosting will achieve the same speed and reliability.

Cloud Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting


Cloud Vs. VPS Hosting

VPS- It can suggest a greater amount of server resources than shared hosting can, its scalability purpose by the physical server it hosts on. You can expand the memory and CPU power accessible on your virtual server, but these amounts still fix. The physical server entirely has a certain amount of resources it can deliver.

Cloud- It has a huge profit compared to VPS hosting. It’s not bound to a single physical server, so its scalability benefits are virtually unlimited. As your business grows, your cloud hosting markets with you, contributing higher levels of bandwidth, storage, memory, and processing power.

Cloud Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting


Cloud Vs VPS Hosting

VPS- It is separate from other VPSes on the related physical server, your website won’t be affected alike if another website on the server is hacked or affected with malware. Plus, being hosted on a single physical server expects that security is much tighter than with cloud hosting.

Cloud- With cloud hosting, security levels are moderately high, since your website remain separate from others. You’ll be able to install in your own security measures on top of those proposed by your hosting provider. The foremost limitation, however, is the cloud-based view of the setup.

Cloud Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting


nexahost price


VPS- Prices for VPS hosting vary depending on a variety of factors, such as resource stoppers, server blueprints, and the level of provider you require.

Cloud- With its immense resources and superior scalability, cloud hosting is more expensive than VPS hosting. It’s still great value for money, however, and usually much more affordable than a dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting Vs. VPS Hosting


Cloud Vs. VPS Hosting


VPS- It gives you a way to a similar level of customizability as with a dedicated server. Having full source access expects you can control every aspect of your VPS service, including the OS (usually Linux or Windows).

Cloud- It also gives you a range of customizability. For instance, you’ll be able to construct firewalls, improve your network architecture, and achieve load balancing.



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Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in India

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A  web hosting service provider is a business that provides technologies and services. And, needed for the website or webpage to be view on the Internet. However, Websites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Similarly, Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser. Here are the top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies Nexahost, RCV Technologies,  Jaipur Web World, Kukars Infotech,  Data Infosys Limited. best web hosting company

best web hosting company

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

1. Nexahost

Top 5 Web Hosting Companies

Nexahost offers fast and unlimited Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Scale Cloud, Premium reseller hosting and bespoke hosting. So regardless of your needs and the size of your business, we have your hosting covered. Therefore, We offer a full selection of popular and unique domains, along with fully featured hosting packages, SSL security certificates, and Who is Guard privacy protection.

2. RCV Technologies


top 5 web hosting companies

RCV Technologies is a fairly recent entrant in the field, having been established in 2007. However, the company has managed to create a place for itself as one of the top web hosting providers in Jaipur, India. They offer a full range of affordable and reliable web hosting solutions with robust servers, high speeds and round the clock technical support. The aim of RCV Technologies is to provide high-quality web hosting services to clients that boost the client’s business. It is one of India’s largest web hosting providers.

Achieving such growth within a short time speaks volumes about the quality of work and satisfaction of clients. RCV Technologies offers web hosting services compatible with different operating systems like UNIX, Linux as well as Windows 2003. You may choose the technology that most appropriately meets your business needs. Their web hosting services cover various parameters like email accounts, disk space, and bandwidth among other features. Therefore, They have four web hosting packages with a unique feature that you can choose from.

3. Jaipur Web World

best web hosting company

Established in 2001, Jaipur Web World has the distinction of being one of the leading web hosting providers in Jaipur, India. They offer Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting technologies. You may opt for either technology depending on your website characteristics. Similarly, For instance, Windows web hosting will be the best technology for you if you use Microsoft Frontpage in website development.

Email accounts are also provided as part of the web hosting service. Jaipur Web World offers as many as four different web hosting plans, each with unique features. Similarly, You may choose the one that serves your business requirements the best. They have state of the art data centers, high-speed networks, and partnerships with top technology companies in the world, which enables them to provide world-class web hosting services. Besides, they also offer services in web design and SEO solutions.

4. Kukars Infotech


best web hosting company

Kukars Infotech is one of the oldest web hosting providers in Jaipur, India established in 1999. The core strength of Kukars Infotech lies in its team members who are specialists in areas related to web hosting, web design, and web script development. Kukars Infotech provides Windows web hosting technology as well as Linux web hosting technology. However, They offer a variety of web hosting plans for each technology.

Kukars Infotech prides itself on its upfront pricing policy which ensures that there are no hidden costs for the clients. They provide 24 x7 technical assistance and back up. Kukars Infotech is back by vast experience in the field of providing software solutions to clients to maximize their profitability. We boast of a long list of satisfied clients, who keep coming back for future needs and refer the company to their associates for web hosting solutions.

5. Data Infosys Limited

best web hosting company


Data Infosys Limited started in 1999 in Jaipur, India, when the future of the IT industry in Jaipur was still unpredictable. Today Data Infosys is a name to reckon within the field of IT solutions, particularly web hosting services, with a long list of satisfied clients.

The company provides co-hosting and co-location servers. Data Infosys is an ISO 9001 certified company. It is one of the largest Internet Service Providers in India. The company has its own data center in Jaipur, India, which is a benchmark against global standards. However, The hosting infrastructure offers high-speed fiber Internet connectivity. The company offers both Windows web hosting technology as well as Linux web hosting services. Maximum options are available to customers as Data Infosys offers as many as six different web hosting plans in each of the technologies.

Domain Name Registration vs Web Hosting

Domain Name

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the location of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.  Much as a location is a method people can find positions on a map, domain names enable people to find websites. Your domain name is the user-friendly name which visitors type into the browser address bar to get to your site.

To understand what a domain name is, think of it as two elements:

  1. Web Address 
  2. IP Address

 Web Address


The web address is the character with words (i.e., www.webname.com). Websites are called this way so they’ll be simple for people to remember and recognise.

IP Address

Domain Name Registration

It is a number-based address (like that computers use to interact with each other across the internet. All the tough material happens in the background, including the domain’s IP address. 

Types of Domain Name


Domain Name Registration


There are five types of domain name:-

  1. Top-Level Domains (TLDs)
  2. Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)
  3. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)
  4. Second-Level Domains
  5. Third-Level Domains

1. Top-Level Domains (TLDs)


Top-level domains are at the top of the internet sequence of domain names. You’ll see these usually related to as Top-Level Domains (TLDs). There are across thousands of several T0p-Level Domains (TLDs) available. In recent years ICANN started up new TLD registration and permission, so businesses and individuals could pitch and register unique TLDs. This sent the number of Top-Level Domains available soaring.

Now here I am sharing some popular extensions of top-level domains:

        ♦ .com

        ♦ .net

        ♦ .edu

        ♦ .org

2. Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs)

Domain Name Registration

Next, on the list, we have country code top-level domains (ccTLDs). As the name suggests, these are technically attached to different countries. Each country has its individual ccTLD, but you don’t have to use one, just because you live in a particular country. Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) represent particular geographic locations. For example- .uk represents the United Kingdom and .eu represents the European Union. 

3. Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) 


A Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) is the top-level domain name of an Internet address that distinguishes it generically as connected with some domain class, such as .com, .net, .org, .gov, .edu, etc. That is more of a definition than an exact type of domain. As the description recommends, it’s just another variation of a TLDs. So, you could technically analyse this type of domain as a TLDs as well.

4. Second-Level Domains

Domain Name Registration

Second-Level Domains are under the TLDs highlighted over in terms of the sequence. This doesn’t mean they’re any less authentic or valuable. Rather, this explains the second part of the domain name, such as the ‘NexaHost’ in ‘www.nexahost.com’.

There are also country code second-level domains (ccSLDs). In such situations, the second-level domain will be located to the right of the period; for example, in a domain such as puma.co.ca, the country code top-level domain is .ca and the ccSLDs is .co.

5. Third-Level Domains


Third-Level Domains are under the second-level domains in the domain name sequence. They aren’t a complete domain name in and of themselves, but only a portion of a domain name.

For example, in the domain name “www.nexahost.com”, ‘www’ would be the third level domain. Or, if you’re using a subdomain to create an extra section of your site, this would be a third-level domain as well.

How Do Domain Names Work?


Domain names are important, as they allow computers to find the server where your website hosted. Website data can then recovered from that server, permitting users to access your site on their browsers. 

All domains have at least two Name servers such as NS1.EXAMPLE.COM and NS2.EXAMPLE.COM

For Example- if your website is hosted on NexaHost, then its name server information will be like this:


Those name servers are computers controlled by your hosting company. Your hosting company will send your request to the computer where your website is stored.

This computer machine is called a web server. It has unique software installed. The web server now fetches the web page and parts of information connected with it.

Finally, it then transfers this data back to the browser.

Web Hosting


Hosting is the process of storing serving and maintaining one or more websites on the special computer called Server


Domain Name Registration


Web Hosting is a service that enables companies and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, a company that gives the technologies and services required for the website or webpage to view on the Internet.

Websites are hosted or stored, on specialised computers called servers. When Internet users want to view your website, all they require to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be presented to them by the browser.

Types of Web Hosting

Domain Name Registration


There are many types of web hosting which are as follows:-

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Web Hosting
  5. Managed WordPress Web Hosting

1. Shared Hosting


This is an excellent hosting for the entry-level of hosting. In this, your websites will be stored with different websites in the same server, that would be anywhere at a range of hundred or thousand. Normally, when most people start an online business, they start with a shared hosting plan to decrease cost, the same server resources like RAM and CPU are used for all domains but the cost of this hosting very low.

2. VPS Hosting


It stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS Hosting is one of the varieties of internet hosting accounts you can choose for online hosting. You must have your database records on a webserver to have a website on the Internet. Those physical servers are normally divided into different or shared VPS servers.

3. Cloud Hosting

secured server hosting, VPS hosting India, domain registration, web hosting, web hosting service provider, cloud service hosting

Cloud Hosting gives a service provider by its infrastructure services in a utility model to outsource the computing and storage resources of the industry. There is no physical thing in the cloud that you can show and name as the cloud. Simply as there is no physical server with cloud hosting, you can tell that it is a cloud host.

4. Dedicated Web Hosting


Dedicated Web Hosting means your paying for the single server which means there is a no different webpage in that server. That means it entirely in control of the site proprietor even the owner also has the root access. Because of the huge traffic, people use this dedicated web hosting. This means if your plan to use dedicated web hosting that means you should have information about how to use and manage the server.

5. Managed WordPress Web Hosting

secured server hosting, VPS hosting India, domain registration, web hosting, web hosting service provider, cloud service hosting

The Managed WordPress Web Hosting is only worked for WordPress. Your host manages everything instead of using cPanel, Plesk, etc. This kind of plan is for those people who do not like all the technical things that come with web hosting.

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How They Work Together


The connection between the domain name, website and web hosting is linear, but all are required for a website to be obtainable by visitors. The first part works when a user types in a domain name for a website into their browser. The browser is then pointed toward the website which sits on a web hosting service provider.

Technically, the domain name request goes to the hosting provider’s servers first, which calls up the essential resources from your website and then shows that to the visitor.





The difference between the two is given clear, web hosts give the service which provides you virtual storage for all your web content, remembers the comparison, it is a house for all your important things, while the domain name as simple as the name implies, it is a recognition of your site, a brand an address. Remember to select sensibly and to stay in the current events.

Best Free Tools and Tips to make web pages load faster

Tips to make web pages load Faster


free tools and tips to make web pages load faster


Content delivery network (CDN)

content delivery network

A set of global servers receive a website’s static files, such as CSS or JavaScript, and they read from the server most nearby to the user’s physical location. In different terms, when a user succeeds in a video, the file loads faster because it is shared from a server nearby. Larger websites perform CDNs to ensure visitors around the world have a much more convenient, fast experience.


Adaptive images

According to the HTTP Archive, 61 percent of a website’s page authority on a desktop processor is images. Begin by handling tools such as Picturefill or Adaptive Images on your website to avoid bandwidth and improve page speed for your site. The different option is to choose new image formats like WebP and JPeg XR—this can serve to reduce image weight by twenty to fifty percent without sacrificing image quality.


Nothing is more frustrating than speed slow of your site 

To make web pages load faster

Cache, cache, cache

Browser saving stores stored versions of inactive resources, a process that accelerates page speed largely and reduces server interval. When a user revisits a page on your website, the cached version regularly displays unless it has improved since it was closing cached. This indicates the browser saves a lot of requests to your server and improves load speed for your site.

web pages


Evaluate your plugins

Plugins can deliver new functionality and specialties to your website, but the more plugins your website has, the more lasting it takes to load. Poor or outmoded plugins can slow down website performance dramatically, which could be decided by removing plugins that duplicate functionality, are out of date or are no lasting used



Combine images into a CSS sprites

combine into CSS sprite

If you have different images on a page, you are taking multiple roundtrips of the server to get all the resources acquired, which slows down page speed. Sprites combine all backdrop images on a page into one single image, which means all icons appear when the foremost “sprite” loads. This reduces the possibility of flickering images and a more constant experience for your users.


Enable HTTP keep-alive response headers

HTTP requests are modest: they seize a single file, distribute and close. That stated, this process is not constantly fast. Keep-alive enables the web browser and server to allow us to use the same connection to seize and carry multiple files. In other terms, the server holds the connection open while a user is on the situation instead of opening a new connection with every request, relieving the load for the processor, network and memory.


Compress your content

compress your content

You can reduce your content significantly to improve your website performance. Cheap web servers such as Apache and IIS use the GZIP compression algorithm to do this automatically on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are still compressor services online that eliminate unnecessary spaces and characters beyond your HTML and CSS code.


Configure expires headers

When a user hits your website, the website files are saved on their computer so that your website oppresses faster for them the next time they visit. There is an end date in the file header that defines how rich these files will be stored on their computer, which is normally set to 24 hours by default. You can configure the terminates header so that the files nevermore time out, or you can extend the expiration date so that it doesn’t impact your server and page load time.


Minify JavaScript and CSS

minify javascript and CSS

Through raising random line breaks, extra space, and so on, you will speed up parsing, downloading and executing. This manageable task can decrease bytes of data from your page, and every little bit counts. Tools like this CSS Minifier/Compressor can be very effective in this department.


Review your hosting package

If you’ve used these previous steps and your website is still oppressing slowly, you may need to consider a different hosting package. On a common shared hosting account, you strength be sharing server space with dozens of other companies, which can affect the speed of your website since several people are utilizing the same server. If shared hosting no great satisfies your needs, examine dedicated hosting. This benefit having access to the server, or a VPS —a computer partitioned into multiple servers each reaching its OS.


To make web pages load faster

Free Tools to make web pages load Faster


Google Analytics

Google analytics

While analyzing your site, Google Analytics might be the most suitable route in really including your pages load times. GA record pages are loading the slowest over time, enabling you to track your progress to improve your speeds.


Google page speed tools

When it reaches to measuring your website’s page speed, Google provides an ideal plan of attack from within the PageSpeed Insights tool.

This tool exhibits a score out of based on different page speed factors that known to produce slow loading times. Mobile and desktop versions display separate scores depending on how properly your site displays on different devices. It’s everything you could require to tell you how to improve website speed.


Page Speed insights chrome extension


page speed insights

It is simply to entrance to the data in your browser rather than moving to Google’s tool to check pages. Opportunely, good old’ Google performed a way for that to occur with an informal-to-install Chrome extension.

When on each webpage, a simple right-click succeeded by “Inspect Element” will provide you a glimpse under the crook. With the extension installed, you can also view further information on that page’s load time.


Image Optimization tools

There are several technical reports involved, but the usual rule is to just save the image file as small as possible. Generally expressing, you don’t require your website to load a huge image, only to have it narrowed down by the HTML. This causes undesirably high page speeds! Optimizing your images is a big way to improve your page times, and this can be achieved in multiple ways. Tools 8-18 will help!


Image Resizing Tools

Image resizing tools

You need your images to be the same width and height that is required on your site. That expects to perform to have an image that is 1200 pixels wide but on your blog at 300 pixels. You require to resize the actual image file to 300 pixels. This will decrease down the size of your images and reduce load times.


Image Compression Tools

Image compression will connect similar colors and bring out a lot of extra trash that your images don’t need. This sounds crude, but you normally can’t tell a difference between images that are and aren’t compressed!

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CSS Sprite Tools

It provides you different images combined into one, preserving the number of times a browser has read to the server. Any easy CSS divides the image into sections to display the conventional part where it is required on the site.



Cloudflare CDN

A CDN will reduce the distance between the website’s hosted server and the user analyzing to access it. This logistical growth speeds up your website as it dynamically supports your site via the insufficient route of the world.


GT Metrix performance report

GT metrix performance report


GTmetrix also implements a simple waterfall summary of what is loading and subscribing to your page. speed. Clicking each component will show additional guidance as to what should be changed.









Are you a blogger? Focus on WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Today, the Internet offers a lot of several options that will enable you to, advertise your content to the world. If you are a new one in blogging even you had knowledge about a WordPress platform. After all, it is the most popular blogging system or a platform over the Internet. In 2015, it was reported that more than 23% of the top 10 million websites were powered by WordPress. 

Therefore, in 2020 wordprss powered more than 35% of websites. In addition to this, if you are planning to choose WordPress as a web hosting. Then it is the right choice without any doubt it is one of the key components for a successful blog. 

wordpress hosting



It is the best opt-out for a cookie-cutter hosting platform to rely on your online content and if we choose this platform it automatically supports your WordPress blog. Before choosing this platform to consider some pre-requisites that the server is compatible with the PHP version above 5 or greater with MY SQL 5.0. 




How WordPress hosting is effective?


wordpress hosting


The dashboard of WordPress is quite comfortable even if you are new to it. Thus, you don’t need any programming knowledge to work on WordPress. But if you know the basics of HTML and CSS(Web Designing)so it is more beneficial to you as you can modify your own website as per your choice. But it’s not the major issue, WordPress is self-sufficient, which provides enough features to design a blog. 


wordpress hosting


It is an extremely flexible platform that allows us to create anything like Personal blogs, newsletters, magazines, professional portfolios by sharing the views and opinions over the internet.  


wordpress hosting


WordPress can be used in over 75 languages. It is quite easy to set up a language as per your interests. Thus, WordPress also enables you to connect with users directly. basically it is a platform that is used for the discussion with your users. 

Vibrant community 

Any queries that might have a using WordPress are resolved quickly. It is too vibrant it quickly responds to the user whenever the user faces the problems. This feature also helps the newcomers which are the beginners for this platform.  

Published Easily

wordpress hosting



You can easily publish any new posts on WordPress. It is as easy you are creating a word document. WordPress allows many users to create and publish the content and attach the relevant data with it. Once you wrote your blog you can publish it live on just one click. 





WordPress Hosting is the most widely used for website building and content management system(CMS). The main aim of WordPress hosting is to enhance the simplicity and flexibility for the users and the publisher of the post for the developers. Thus WordPress created a platform that remains super easy and flexible to use. 

SEO strategy that helps increase organic traffic In 2020



“An SEO approach is – active to generate organic, adequate leads to your website. By identifying your target market and creating a strategic, data-driven SEO plan, more effectively market your website”


For any business, whether big or small, the biggest challenge is to make sure that when customers try to search for a product or service similar to theirs, they land on the particular company’s page and not their competitors.

However, in today’s day and age, there is a lot of misinformation that gets passed around in the name of SEO tips and tricks. Anyhow, every other person appears to consider himself an “SEO expert” without having precise knowledge of the subject matter.

The beauty of blog posts is that they can be written about any topic, be it SEO, SEO Content Writing, brand awareness, sales, or even throwing free offers to your audience. However, getting quality results takes time and effort, so simply writing good content won’t be enough.

Good content, coupled with a thriving SEO strategy is your only way out if you are looking to improve your traffic numbers. It’ll gradually lead to improved website ranking, enhanced content credibility, and much more.

Organic traffic

What is an SEO strategy?


SEO strategy


An SEO strategy or search Engine Optimization approach is nothing but the process of planning, outlining, and implementing ways that are particularly designed to improve rankings on SERPs.

Simply put, an SEO strategy is what a company needs to follow if they want to see an increase in their organic traffic numbers. Some main elements of a good SEO strategy will always involve technical SEO, on-page optimization, and link building.

web hosting

How do you approach an SEO strategy?


SEO strategy


When building a profitable SEO strategy in 2020 for your business, there are several key areas that digital marketing experts need to focus on to beat better and faster outcomes. Some of these basic areas are:

  • Keyword research
  • Meta descriptions
  • Descriptive URLs
  • Good UI/UX
  • Structured data markup
  • Content Optimization
  • Strong CTAs (Call To Action)

SEO strategy

Increase your organic traffic with an effective SEO strategy In 2020


SEO strategy


As a digital marketer, you already know that search engines do not make even a penny for the organic clicks that a particular website manages to garner. Therefore, their main focus is to stay as relevant as possible at all times, satisfactorily answer a user’s search query, and make sure that people keep coming back to their platform organically.

With its key focus areas already set, search engines like Google have algorithms in place which find relevant sites for any particular search query with the help of these particular points: technical SEO, content optimization, and link building.

website traffic

Technical SEO



SEO strategy

For any user to stay and surf your website, and for any search engine to consider ranking you on the top spots on their SERP, your technical SEO has to be rock solid. Making sure that your company’s website has a clean code, optimized tags, and pages, proper sitemaps, and indentations, etc, is crucial for a search engine to read your site properly.

Decent page speed is also very important because it helps avoid any impatient bounces from your site; something that most search engines recognize as a red flag. Moreover, tactics like keyword filling also no longer work, so make sure you develop the basics of SEO accurately to build any kind of organic visibility.

web hosting

Content Optimization


SEO strategy

Any and every online business must have relevant and user-friendly content on their site. A prosperous SEO content strategy assures that websites put up content especially providing to users and their interests.

Besides search engines getting quicker with every exclusive algorithm update, it has grown all the more easy to recognize strange-sounding text or manipulative duplication. Such metrics can adversely affect your business, so make sure to emphasize on writing compelling, useful, unique content for your target audience to have a solid SEO in 2020

web hosting

Link Building


SEO strategy

Link building, considered to be the misunderstood part of SEO, is also one of the critical components of SEO strategy. Search engines indeed inspect the links pointing towards your website to understand your integrity and popularity in the industry.

However, they also prefer quality over quantity. Just like content, even your backlinks have to be relevant, else you’ll lose major points from search engines. Therefore, to make sure that your website doesn’t get flagged, try earning links instead of simply building them.

web hosting

What Procedure do I follow to increase web traffic?


SEO strategy



Apply internal links– you have a suitable description of the content, you can link in all the later blogs. You record or even on your website, managing potential users to your high-quality and appropriate content. This helps to maintain time from users staying and surfing your webpages and role play in deciding your SERP rankings.

Get your meta in control– The URL, meta title and description are the main ingredients of any well-optimized webpage. While on-page optimizations are significant, descriptions are of ultimate importance because they help engines to know about the business.

Optimize for the user, not the search engine– Having a buyer’s while content is the primary necessity for online business. If you create quality and educational content that directly resonates with your readers, it’ll automatically improve your on-page SEO. Optimizing for search engines is useless, so make your customers first and see how search engines get impressed with endeavors.




Freelancer Hosting

Importance of web hosting in your freelancing career


web hosting


web hosting

“If you are looking for web hosting to assist you to build your own online identity and provides you with an opportunity to get established as an individual brand”


Moreover about knowing that to grow your online presence? If you devote yourself to photography, design, consulting, translation, web development, or other projects, explicating the world what you do in an online website or portfolio is absolute to stand out and extend your reach.

Beginning a freelancing career requires a lot of research and planning, be it for any industry. The start of your freelancing career requires a lot of hard work and as a freelancer; you have to spend a lot of time exposing your skills/services.

Therefore, one of the most reliable ways to get seen is by having your website where you can represent your skills, capabilities, experiences, and projects are undertaken; this is why it is critical to have a good web hosting platform that satisfies your budget and is highly efficient.


Here’s why……?

web hosting

  • Trust Issues    


web hosting

Thus, Create a scenario where you are in a situation and someone likes your work and says. ‘I am impressed with your skills and with the projects you have worked on before. Thus, I would like to suggest some work and see your detailed website’.

To which you respond, ‘Well, I work on projects but I don’t have a website’

Here presents a wrong impression and the other person thinks that they are not talking to a professional but a casual individual.


  • Reduction in networking efforts


web hosting

You have the most becoming skills, you are meeting the right people, but to get work constantly, you need to exchange yourself. If you don’t have a detailed website, you have to steadily meet people and keep knowing them about your work

If you offer them your company card, you have to trust them that they won’t lose it and they evoke you if they want you to fulfill some work for them. Having a decent website eliminates even networking pressure.

You don’t have any frontiers of time zones or geographical area. Anyone throughout the world can find you at any time and there is no need for you to steadily define who you are and what you do because it’s all out there on your website.


  • You will free at home


web hosting

Accomplishing a website all by yourself might be an intimidating thought in the beginning but if you use WordPress or any other content management system, you’ll do just well-made. Thee can set up the content and images you want on your website, you can represent your experiences and projects as you want on your website.

You can also exchange your website the way you want. Thou might have surely put up your information on the job provisions and social media websites but you don’t have complete control over it. A website is a reliable point that you can use to represent your talent and projects undertaken.

web hosting 

  • Your website name

web hosting


However, If you are managing as a freelancer, you can have your fame as the domain name of the website along with a preferred domain name extension like .com or .in. If you have chosen some brand name or if you have been holding up work with some other name, you can choose to have that as your domain name.

Understanding your chosen domain name depends on the availability of the domain name and have the domain name in mind. You must register it right away. When registering a domain name to get web hosting then also link a domain name to your licensed email address.


web hosting 

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  • Potential problems faced by freelancers


web hosting

The problems come to web hosting are consistent and if not taken care of, they can big obstacles for their career. These problems can crop and they can adverse might be a loss of views that turned into jobs or projects. Securing leads is a very important aspect for freelancers; therefore, it is critical to have as many clients as possible.

Downtime: The idea of downtime is disastrous for any freelancer. Every time the website is not active or not accessible, it means that many inherent customers aren’t able to reach. This directly turns to the loss of revenue for a freelancer.

Poor Customer Support: Customer support is one of the most important circumstances when it comes to managing your website. With around the timer active customer support.

Security: Security is one of the most important aspects of web hosting. Most of the people are not aware that a particular freelancer doesn’t have to target or engage to be hackers.

web hosting

  • Selecting web hosting


web hosting

There are many web hosting companies out there and this can be a complex decision. The skilled and efficient web hosting companies provide vast features with great prices that free many benefits for freelancers. Web hosting companies like Nexahost provide great features and resources that allow the freelances. To discover the balance between price and benefit through which obtain the maximum value.

You can start your freelancing career by hosting your website with Nexahost. Nexahost provides economical web hosting packages financed by the best SSD servers. You make a lot of benefits like a free .com domain, free SSL certificate, free malware scanning, free website migration.


Cloud Hosting – Today’s web services

Cloud Hosting - Today's web services

Cloud Hosting –  Today’s  web services

Cloud Hosting


The term cloud hosting Today’s web services means, the process of operating a website on multiple servers. There is an unlimited power as we can add a new server to scale up the growth of a business.


Cloud hosting is the provision of computational resources like data and software. It on demand through a defined and reliable computer network, and not from any local server.


In cloud computing, the consumers acknowledge a task-. like word procession, to the cloud computing service provider. It get their task completed successfully without retaining the software or hardware.


Cloud hosting is a framework as a service (IaaS) cloud delivery model that provides a suite of remote/virtual services. These are deliver on an on-demand basis and hosted on top of the cloud hosting framework.


It provides initial flexibility in scaling hosted resources. Moreover, cloud hosting may also cartel the volume of several servers to provide a single cloud-hosted server. Some of the cloud-hosted clarification are cloud servers, cloud desktops, cloud storage and more.


Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The most important benefits of such web services are

  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness


Moreover, scalability refers to the extension of the website with minimum limitations. An efficient cloud server hosting profitable covers load balancing and hardware up-gradations.


Therefore, it can avoid  problems like server crash, migration of a website from shared server to a dedicated server.

However, some other benefits include Application Programming Interface (API) accessibility to software. The API service permits computer machines to interact with cloud software. This done in the same way like the user interface helps humans to interact with the computers.


The cloud hosting service permits the users to access their systems on web impartial of their location and thus providing location autonomy.


Applications of Cloud Hosting

If you want to set up a company but worried about the initial investments or expenditures on software and hardware installations. If you think your company`s growth gets affect due to limited investment in resources, then cloud  email hosting will be the best option for you.


It brings many assets through which an advantageous manage your company`s needs and abundance without larger expenses at the initial stages.

Services of cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting and services are provided by certain companies that charge their clients based on the quality of the computing power. It used by them just like electricity and water bills.


Today, India has emerged as the leading IT hub in the global market with thousands of highly recognized firms in the web hosting field.


The cloud hosting services in India offers various web services like cloud servers, cloud load balance, cloud files, and cloud sites to quiet the online business.


Cloud hosting has developed as a potent platform for online business websites on the internet and has surely taken the world a monsoon.


The cloud hosting services in India are fast boost as it has attained a growth from a business concept to a brilliant sector of a dedicated web server.


Therefore, these organizations are committed to achieving maximum client satisfaction. Thus has trained staff for doing difficult and complicated cloud server hosting with ease.