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Get ERP on Cloud

ERP software and tools that are offered and managed in the cloud.

Benefits of ERP on Cloud with Nexahost

  • Better Business Intelligence- Cloud technology allows organizations to access data remotely without complex technical configuration or robust IT staffing.
  • Faster Implementation- Cloud ERP systems are faster to implement than on-premise ERP systems.

  • Maintenance- The appeal of cloud-based software is that you don’t have to be an expert in it. You don’t personally need an IT team to maintain the software’s infrastructure and constantly watch for performance issues to fix. 
  • Cost Savings- The initial cost of cloud technology is lower than on-premise technology.

  • End User Buy In- Cloud technology tends to be more modern and easier to use than on-premise software, so employees may be quicker to embrace it.
  • Strong Data Security- To avoid security breaches, many organizations turn to cloud ERP as cloud vendors tend to have very secure hosting environments.

Why ERP on Cloud with Nexahost?

The rise in cloud-based ERP systems, however, gives SMB to Enterprise level merchants access this important business management software, unlocking new processes and tools that weren’t readily available before. Cloud-based software allows merchants to access their ERP systems through any web browser.

How it works?

Cloud-based software allows merchants to access their ERP systems through any web browser. ERP providers deliver their ERP software as a service (SaaS), meaning you don’t have to maintain any software on your own servers. Instead, the ERP vendor gives you access to their servers that they own and maintain.

Frequently asked questions

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