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Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting 

Hosting is the process of storing serving and maintaining one or more websites on the special computer called Server. 


  Web hosting is a service that allows organizations or an individual to post web pages over the internet. Thus  Web hosting provides those techniques for the activeness of the web pages. Therefore, through these techniques, they were viewed over the internet. Purchasing a web hosting is look like buying a space over the internet to store website files.  There are a lot of hosting service providers are there who contains the technology to store the website files securely.

Web hosting is responsible for the maintenance and security of the server. It is also responsible for the execution of the right software on the server. 

How Web Hosting Works?

All the websites are stored on a special computer called Server. Whenever users come it firstly type your domain name on the browser. Then their computer will automatically connect to our server and our web page will automatically be delivered to the user. All of these should happen in a few or less than 5 seconds. If this process takes too much time than you either need to improve your website speed or need to change your hosting provider. 

You can use google drive to store your documents so that you can use it for further use.


Make sure that the speed of the server of the web hosting smooth enough to runs and serves a large number of visitors. Thus, a high-speed connection database connectivity can run easily over the internet.


All of the websites should necessarily have good enough bandwidth so that all the activities of transactions can run easily and exchange information. The bandwidth is an amount of exchanged database between the web pages and a user in a mouth. 

Loading Capacity 

There are a lot of users present over the internet who all are accessing the website at the same time. And it would be the worst thing that people come and the page itself is not loaded it will definitely increase the bounce rate of your website and results in less traffic.

web hosting. shared vs dedicated hosting 

Always consult advice from an experience holder it will definitely help you to improve the loading time and give the best results even on high traffic.

Shared vs… Dedicated hosting 

As the name says shared means someone is sharing resources with the other websites while in dedicated hosting you have full access over the server without sharing resources to others. The bandwidth and the amount of disk space provided in the shared hosting are limited because of the other sharing servers. 

shared vs dedicated hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting


Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Disk Space




The amount

of disk space and

the bandwidth

allotted with this

hosting is limited and short.



The amount

of disk space and

the bandwidth

allotted are dedicated

entirely to an organization.




It is more affordable

than dedicated hosting.

As the resources are

shared among several users

at the same time.



It is more expensive

than shared hosting.

As this hosting is


solely to one user.



shared hosting 

shared hosting 

In shared hosting,

the website traffic

could culvert the server’s

bandwidth resources. 

This results in

slow response

time and slow loads.

Therefore, it definitely

diverts the traffic to your




shared hosting 

shared hosting 

In dedicated hosting,

the same traffic

the scenario is not an issue.

As we are not sharing

resources from anybody

on our server.

We can easily predict

the responsiveness of our

server with adequate









In shared hosting,

the web hosting  company

itself installs

all the security

applications and software.

The security experts are

responsible for the security

and safety of a server. 



In dedicated hosting,

the organization

itself responsible for the

security and safety

for the server.

The IT Team controls

all the

security applications.

web hosting shared vs dedicated hosting you can Store, share and access your files from any device. Your first 15 GB of storage are free. Go to Google Drive 

web hosting shared vs dedicated hosting

Choosing the right web hosting can save lots of money and time. If your website needs lots of server resources, and you have an efficiently managed hosting setup then go with dedicated hosting. However, if your website doesn’t need enough bandwidth, memory and computing power, you can save lots of money by going with shared hosting.
It all starts with the right platform. Let’s start today with

shared vs dedicated hosting web hosting 

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