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What are Linux Web Hosting

What are Linux Web Hosting

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A web Hosting service like a internet hosting service to make their website accessible for individuals and multiple organization . Linux Web hosting service is an online server which is Linux based online server provider company. Therefore, it is cheapest and affordable price in market. Linux web hosting is suitable for small business.

Online server is the world leading service provider company. The company also provide many expert which to share hosting plans according to their requirements. There is no matter where you start hosting from blog hosting, wordpress hosting , E-commerce hosting, Web hosting, VPS hosting . There thousand of company they all offer linux hosting.

Linux are the most popular operating system used by the web hosting providers. Linux hosting services are user friendly, Linux Hosting provide a shared hosting service in which multiple clients are hosted in single server.Web host companies provide a space to a server that owner for use by the client. Web hosting companies also provide the data center space and internet connection.

In hosting technique there are multiple protocol are used like file transfer protocol(FTP) to upload their files in server. Linux hosting managed services are fast SSD block storage , DDoS protection, CDN, uptime monitoring , free resource

We can aware from some ransome attack which called lilocked that specifically target linux server. It also provide the php hosting 

Some basic features of Linux web hosting 

  • Internet Hosting
  • cheapest and affordable price
  • suitable for small and medium business
  • Shared hosting server
  • use file transfer protocol to upload their files
  • Uptime monitoring
  • User friendly
  • provide data center space

Linux is an open source which to used by any company or organisation or by individual ones. The only that server which are provide in cheap rate and affordable price which are profit for their small and medium business they are not able to purchase but as well as advantage it also have disadvantage that linux web hosting is an open server which to use each and every organisation someone use for their benefit and unlimited to access those website which are not best for our world .







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