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What is SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and it’s features ?

What is SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and it’s features ?








SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. It is a communication protocol for electronic mail transmission. This is a program use for sending messages for other computer users based on email address. It provide a mail exchange between users on the same or different computers.

The main purpose of SMTP is used to set up communication rules between servers. The server have a way of identify themselves and announce what kind of communication they are trying to perform. Therefore, they also have a way of handling the errors above all. For instance, In other words, if the recipient address is wrong, then receiving server reply with an error message.

Moreover, it also support:

  • It can send a single message to one or more recipient
  • Send message can include text, voice, video or graphics
  • Therefore, it can also send a messages on network outside the internet

Working of SMTP

  1. Composition of mail :- A user sends an e-mail by composing an electronic mail message using a Mail User Agent (MUA). It is a program which is use to send and receive mail.
  2. Submission of mail :- After composing an mail, the client submit the complete mail to the SMTP server.
  3. Delivery of mail :- Email address contain two parts: username of the recipient and domain name. Moreover,  For instance similarly where ansh is the username of the recipient and is the domain name.
  4. Receipt and Processing of mail :- The incoming message is receive, the exchange server delivers it to the incoming server which stores the e-mail where it waits for the user to retrieve it.
  5. Access and retrieval of mail :- The stored email in MDA can be retrieve by using MUA (Mail User Agent). MUA can be access by using login and password.

Features of SMTP server

  • Dedicated IP address :- Use of dedicated IP address to increase your sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP.
  • SPF & DKIM record :- It’s your own company and domain sending the message and minimize the amount of messages that are marked spam.
  • Servers you can trust :- This server send your mails using secure SSL connection.
  • Statistics :- you can discover the amount of messages sent out.
  • Reports :- It generate their sending report and delivery error report.



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