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Wordpress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is the most widely used for website building and content management system(CMS).

Plans for WordPress Hosting

From small business to enterprise, we’ve got you covered!

Basic Plan


  •  1 WordPress Installation
  •  Dual Core CPU
  •  5 GB Storage
  •  2 GB RAM
  • Visitors up to 25K/month
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  •  MOJO Marketplace*
  •  JetPack Plugin*

Performance plan


  • 2 WordPress Installation
  •  Quad Core CPU
  •  20 GB Storage
  •  4 GB RAM
  •  Visitors up to 200K/month
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  •  MOJO Marketplace*
  •  JetPack Plugin*

Business Plan


  • 3 WordPress Installation
  •  Hexa Core CPU
  •  40 GB Storage
  •  6 GB RAM
  •  Visitors up to 300K/month
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  •  MOJO Marketplace*
  •  JetPack Plugin*

Enterprise Plan


  • 5 WordPress Installation
  •  Hexa Core CPU
  •  40 GB Storage
  •  6 GB RAM
  •  Visitors up to 500K/month
  •  Unlimited Email Accounts
  •  MOJO Marketplace*
  •  JetPack Plugin*

Wordpress Hosting Features

 widely used for website building & content management system in WordPress Hosting.


Better security


Faster speeds


Server-side caching







Wordpress Hosting Specifications

Blazing Fast Website

  • With the state-of-the-art-infrastructure, varnish cache and globally distributed CDN, your websites frequently visited pages will load up to 2x faster

Advanced Caching

  • We have built advanced Nginx/Varnish bases caching to improve the speed of your website without having to spend time on any advanced configuration. You can just toggle performance on and off and achieve caching for your website.

Instant Scalability

  • Boost your website resources with a single click. Instantly upgrade your website resources such as RAM and CPU to manage any unexpected spike in your website traffic.

Automatic Failover

  • We maintain 3 copies of your website content to ensure in case of any failure we are able to recover the latest version of your website and we can start serving it from a completely new server. All this happens seamlessly and almost instantaneously.

Frequently asked questions

Nexahost is providing fast & reliable powerful Web Hosting & Cloud Services at affordable prices.

cPanel is a web based hosting control panel provided by us to allowing users to manage their websites from a web based interface. Administrators and end users can control the different aspects of the server and the website directly through their browser.

Well the CMS like WordPress, Majento, Joomala are the best CMS framework which can get your website done in a hour without to interfering in a programming.

Yes, Multiple Domain Hosting allows you to host multiple domain names, or websites, under a single web hosting account. Multiple Domain Hosting will definitely save you money.

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